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Route 33 at Route 29, Greene County

Improvements of Route 33
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In Design

$10.1 million

Lengths and Limits
0.15 miles west of Route 29; 0.32 miles east of Route 29



John Rose
Lou Hatter

Project Status

VDOT held a public hearing on April 5, 2018.

113 residents attended the public hearing. VDOT received 89 comments during the comment period. Of the comments received, 20 indicated that they supported the project as presented, 27 supported the project with modifications and nine comments did not support the project. 

The project team has received design approval. Some modifications were made to reduce impacts to residential properties on the east side of Route 29.

Moore Road at Route 33 will be constructed as presented at the public hearing. The alternative right-in, right-out concept was not chosen to be implemented as part of this project based on public feedback.   

Construction is anticipated to begin in late 2022. 

Project Overview Video

Project Purpose

The purpose of this project is to improve safety and traffic flow at the intersection of Route 33 (Spotswood Trail) and Route 29 (Seminole Trail) in Greene County. Improvements include a raised median with crossovers and additional lanes at the Route 29 intersection. 

Between 2014 and 2016, there were a total of 32 crashes at the intersection resulting in 14 persons injured. Of the 32 crashes, 13 were classified as rear-end type and 15 were angle type ("T-Bone"). 

Project Details

Route 33 will be widened on the east side of Route 29 to provide two left turn lanes for traffic turning onto southbound Route 29. An additional through lane will also be provided for westbound traffic crossing Route 29. Bicycle lanes and concrete sidewalk will also be included. 

On the west side of Route 29, the project will widen Route 33 to provide two right turn lanes for traffic turning onto southbound Route 29.

These improvements are anticipated to reduce congestion during peak commuting hours and reduce the trend of rear-end crashes. The dual left turn lanes are also anticipated to prevent traffic queues from blocking the Moore Road / Jennings Loop intersection.

To reduce the trend of angle ("T-Bone" crashes), the project will also include: 

  • Construction of a raised median along Route 33 between Route 29 and Moore Road.
  • Minor re-alignment of Moore Road and Jennings Loop to provide a single full access intersection.

Construction is anticipated to begin in late 2022 and will take about two years. Periodic lane closures will be required. Moore Road is anticipated to be temporarily closed for 14 days during construction. A proposed detour route is included in the public hearing plans. 

The public will be notified about traffic impacts and changes through media reports, social media and 511.

This SMART SCALE project is fully funded through construction.

Project Schedule

Public hearing: April 5, 2018
Public comment period ends: April 15, 2018
Right of way acquisition and utility relocation: Late summer 2019
Construction begins: Winter 2022
Construction completion: Late fall 2023

Project schedule is subject to change

Project Cost

Total Cost: $10,100,000

Engineering of Roadway Plans: $1,050,000
Right of Way Acquisition, Relocation Assistance and Utility Relocation: $4,300,000
Construction: $4,750,000

Project cost is subject to change.


Public Hearing Materials (April 5, 2018): 

Project Displays (As of Feb. 27, 2018)*: 

* The alternative right-in, right-out design display for Route 33 at Moore Road was removed from this section because it will not be constructed as part of this project based on feedback received at the public hearing. 

SMART SCALE application

SMART SCALE scorecard Adobe Acrobat PDF (235 KB)

RT. 33/29 Intersection Improvements Public Hearing April 5
News release, March 15, 2018

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