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Route 522 and Route 208, Louisa County

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Project Details

Louisa County applied for funding through the SMART SCALE process to construct a roundabout at the intersection of Route 522 and Route 208 to improve safety and traffic flow.

On June 20, 2017, the Commonwealth Transportation Board allocated $5.4 million in funding as part of the 2018-2023 Six-Year Improvement Program to fully fund this project through construction.

Once funding is received in 2019, VDOT will use Louisa County’s SMART SCALE application as a framework to begin preliminary engineering to design the project. 

A public hearing will be held prior to construction. Construction is anticipated to begin in 2023.

Why A Roundabout?

A roundabout has been chosen to improve the safety and efficiency of the intersection.

Roundabouts are safer than traffic signals and conventional stop-controlled intersections because traffic can continually and efficiently flow through the intersection and vehicle operating speeds are lower. Additionally, roundabouts help reduce air pollution and fuel use compared to a signalized intersection due to reduced idling and less acceleration and deceleration. 

A traffic signal is not warranted at the intersection. The Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD) has nine warrants that state transportation agencies use when considering the most appropriate solution for a dangerous intersection and before installing a new signal. The intersection has been studied multiple times over the last several years and results have shown that the intersection does not meet the specified warrants and that a roundabout would be a safer alternative. 


SMART SCALE Application  Adobe Acrobat PDF (200 KB)

Federal Highway Administration: Roundabouts

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