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Culpeper Projects

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Route 29 Solutions

Route 29 Solutions
Route 29/250 interchange improvements, Berkmar Drive extension north to Hollymead Town Center, Route 29 widening, Route 29/Rio Road grade-separated intersection, Adaptive signal technology on Route 29, Hillsdale Drive Extension, Route 29/Hydraulic Road grade-separated intersection, Hillsdale Drive South

Under Construction

Adaptive Traffic Signal Control
Installation of a new traffic signal system on Route 29 in Albemarle County

Berkmar Drive Extension
Construct a new road from Hilton Heights Road to Towncenter Drive

Bridge Maintenance Projects

I-64 Active Traffic Safety Management System (ATSMS)
Augusta, Nelson and Albemarle counties

Route 15 and Route 53, Fluvanna Co.
Construction of roundabout

Route 229 Widening, Town of Culpeper
Improvements and roadway widening

Route 230 (Wolftown-Hood Road), Madison Co.
Rehabilitation of bridge over Conway River

Route 245 (Old Tavern Road), Fauquier Co.
Rehabilitation of bridge over Broad Run

Route 29 at Route 666, Culpeper County
Construction of Interchange

Route 29 Solutions

Route 29 Widening, Albemarle County
Improvement to six lanes from Polo Grounds Road to Towncenter Drive

Route 29/Rio Road Intersection
Grade separation of the intersection at Route 29 and Rio Road

Route 3 Improvement, Culpeper County
Widening to four lanes between Stevensburg and Lignum

Coming Soon

Route 607 (Matthew Mill Rd) at U.S. 29, Greene Co.
Intersection improvements

Route 661 (Schoolhouse Road), Fauquier County
Intersection improvements; addition of bicycle/pedestrian facilities

In Design

Brandy Station Park and Ride, Culpeper County
Expansion of park and ride lot

Route 15/17/29 Intersection, Fauquier County
Construction of grade-separated facility at Rt. 15/17/29 Business and Rt. 880 (Lord Fairfax Dr.)

Route 15/17/29 North of Opal, Fauquier County
Safety improvements to four median crossovers

Route 17 (Marsh Road), Fauquier County
Rehabilitation of southbound bridge and painting of northbound bridge over Norfolk Southern Railway and Route 805 (Bealeton Road)

Route 250 (Ivy Road) Bridge Replacement, Albemarle County
Replacement of bridge over Little Ivy Creek

Route 33 at Route 29, Greene County
Improvements of Route 33

Route 53 and Route 618, Fluvanna County
Construction of roundabout

Route 767 (School Bus Road), Louisa Co.
Relocation of School Bus Road to align with Chalklevel Road

Warrenton Park and Ride, Fauquier County
Expansion of park and ride lot


Broadview Avenue, Town of Warrenton
Installation of median from Route 211 to south of Route 17

Hillsdale Drive South
An extension of Hillsdale Drive south from Hydraulic Road

Route 208 (New Bridge Road), Louisa Co.
Reconstruction from Route 522 to Spotsylvania County line

Waterloo Bridge, Culpeper Co./Fauquier Co.
Rehabilitation of the Route 613 (Waterloo Road) bridge over the Rappahannock River


Route 29/Hydraulic Road Intersection
Improvements to the intersection of Route 29 and Hydraulic Road in Charlottesville

Recently Completed

2016 Culpeper District Paving & Resurfacing

Flashing Yellow Arrow Signal Installation

Frontage Route 1077 (Marsh Road), Fauquier Co.
Closure of access to Route 17 southbound

I-64 Interchange at Route 15, Zion Crossroads
Construction of diverging diamond interchange (DDI)

John W. Warner Parkway, Albemarle Co.
New roadway from East Rio Road to Melbourne Road

John W. Warner Parkway, City of Charlottesville
New roadway from Melbourne Road south to the Route 250 Bypass

McCormick Road Bridge, University of Virginia
Replacement of bridge over Emmet Street

Opal Interchange, Fauquier Co.
Intersection improvements at Route 15/29 and Route 17 in Opal

Route 15/29 and Route 229, Culpeper
Construction of roundabout and roadway widening, town of Culpeper

Route 231 (N. Blue Ridge Turnpike), Madison County
Replacement of Mulatto Run bridge

Route 250 Bypass Interchange at McIntire Road
Administered by the City of Charlottesville

Route 29 at Route 718, Culpeper Co.
Construction of a restricted crossing U-turn intersection

Route 29/Route 250 Bypass Interchange, Charlottesville
Improvements to the interchange and adjacent sections of Route 29 and Route 250 Bypass

Route 522 (Zachary Taylor Highway), Rappahannock Co.
Rehabilitation of bridge over Wilson Branch

Route 522 at Route 208, Louisa County
Intersection safety improvements

Route 53 (Thomas Jefferson Parkway), Albemarle & Fluvanna counties
Safety improvements in four locations

Route 6 (East River Road), Fluvanna County
Replacement of Rivanna River bridge and its approaches

Route 6 (West River Road), Fluvanna County
Replacement of Hardware River Bridge and its approaches

Route 600 at Route 53, Fluvanna Co.
Construction of roundabout

Route 601 (Paynes Mill Road), Louisa Co.
Replacement of substandard bridge over Cub Creek

Route 614 (Twymans Mill Road), Madison County
Improvements to intersection with Route 706 (Turner Drive)

Route 616 (Black Cat Road), Albemarle County
Replacement of bridge over Buckingham Branch Railroad

Route 637 (Dick Woods Road) Bridge, Albemarle County
Replacement of bridge over Ivy Creek

Route 637 (Jericho Road), Rappahannock County
Replacement of bridge over Big Indian Run

Route 651 (Sumerduck Road), Fauquier County
Replacement of bridge over Sumerduck Run

Route 655, Fauquier Co.
Replacement of the bridge over Tinpot Run

Route 677 (Broomley Road) Bridge, Albemarle County
Replacement of bridge over Buckingham-Branch Railroad

Route 688 (Leeds Manor Road), Fauquier County
Replacement of bridge over Thumb Run

Route 708 (Dry Bridge Road), Albemarle County
Replacement of bridge over Buckingham Branch RR

Route 723 (Ashville Road), Fauquier Co.
Superstructure rehabilitation of bridge over Interstate 66

Route 784 (Western Outer Loop), Culpeper County
Construction of new connector road

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