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Opal Interchange, Fauquier Co.

Intersection improvements at Route 15/29 and Route 17 in Opal

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Begin Date
September 2011

Est Completion Date
Dec. 13, 2013

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$12,645,120 construction only; $44,599,947 total

Lengths and Limits
From Route 687 intersection to 0.7 mi. south

Shirley Contracting Co., LLC



Office of Communications

VDOT completed construction of the Opal interchange flyover on Dec. 13, 2013, on time and under budget. 

Some southbound Route 29 traffic continues to turn onto Route 17 south at the signal rather than using the flyover, causing a long queue in the left-turn lane and spillover into the through lanes. 

Since early 2014, VDOT has been taking steps to improve traffic flow and, most importantly, safety at the intersection. These include:

• Adding and revising the wording of signs to better reflect the traffic pattern
• Adjusting traffic signal timing/phasing
• Installing improved pavement markings
• Reaching out to GPS providers to include the flyover on their map updates
• Working with the trucking industry to inform drivers of the new traffic pattern
• Using CB radio technology to broadcast messages to truck drivers
• Using message boards to catch motorists' attention
• Monitoring traffic flow with a portable camera and periodic traffic counts
• Ongoing public outreach

Please assist VDOT by passing on notice of the new traffic pattern.

Project Purpose

This project replaced the at-grade left-turn movements from Route 15/29 southbound onto Route 17 south with a grade-separated flyover interchange.

The project improves safety and traffic flow at this high-volume location. The former dual left-turn lanes on Route 15/29 south often overflowed into the southbound through lanes during periods of peak volume, creating a safety hazard.

The flyover allows traffic turning onto Route 17 south to exit Route 15/29 using a right exit ramp. The ramp carries traffic over Route 15/29 south of the intersection and allows it to merge smoothly onto Route 17. 

Traffic continuing south on Route 15/29 is not impacted by the project but should gain efficiency through the intersection without backups from the left-turn lanes.

News Releases and Project Information

Flyer: New traffic pattern at Opal  (75 KB)

News release: Signal Adjustments Happening Jan. 28 at Opal
Jan. 15, 2015

News release: Flyover to Open at Rt. 15/29 and Rt. 17 at Opal
Nov. 7, 2013

Schematic of interchange design (640 KB)

Opal Interchange Project Advertised for Construction Bids  (36 KB)

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