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Under Construction

Route 637 (Dick Woods Road) Bridge, Albemarle County

Replacement of bridge over Ivy Creek

Project at a Glance

Begin Date
January 26, 2015

Est Completion Date
August 4, 2015

Under Construction

$683,018.10 Construction Contract

Lengths and Limits
0.25 mile; from 0.15 to 0.4 mile north of Ivy Creek Farm Road

Fairfield-Echols LLC of Fishersville



Paul Huckins

Dick Woods Rd. Closes for Construction Jan. 26

On Monday, Jan. 26, VDOT and contractor, Fairfield-Echols LLC of Fishersville, will begin work to replace the Route 637 (Dick Woods Road) bridge over Ivy Creek in Albemarle County, weather permitting

Route 637 will be closed to through traffic during construction, which is projected to last four months. Traffic will use Route 250 and Route 677 (Bloomfield Road) as the detour route (see detour map). Motorists should expect the detour to remain in place through Aug. 4, the project’s completion date.

Project Purpose

The purpose of this project is to replace the aged Route 637 (Dick Woods Road) bridge over Ivy Creek in western Albemarle County.

Due to its significantly deteriorated condition, the original Route 637 bridge was replaced in September 2012 with a temporary structure intended to help it last until the permanent replacement project could be completed. The temporary bridge will put to use in another location once it is removed.

Route 637 carries 1,200 vehicles per day, according to a 2013 traffic count.


What Is Proposed?

VDOT proposes to replace the Route 637 bridge over Ivy Creek with a single-span pre-stressed concrete slab structure. The new bridge will meet current design standards and will be capable of carrying all legal loads.


Project Costs

Total Cost: $1,890,633

Engineering of Roadway Plans:

Right of Way Acquisition and Utility Relocation: $133,527

Construction: $990,133


Project Schedule

Public hearing: December 20, 2012

Public comment period ends: January 2, 2013

Right of way acquisition and utility relocation: July 2013

Construction advertisement: December 2014

Construction start: August 2015


Resources and Project Information

Materials for the Dec. 20 public hearing:

Detour map  Adobe Acrobat PDF (266 KB)

Public hearing brochure Adobe Acrobat PDF (117 KB)

Public hearing comment sheet Adobe Acrobat PDF (88 KB)


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