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Under Construction

Route 6 (East River Road), Fluvanna County

Replacement of Rivanna River bridge and its approaches

Project at a Glance

Begin Date
Feb. 2014

Est Completion Date
Summer 2016

Under Construction

$6.93 million construction contract

Lengths and Limits
0.601 mile; from 0.352 mile west of Rivanna River to 0.249 mile east of Rivanna River

DLB, Inc. of Hillsville



Mauris Mackenzie

Project Purpose

This project will replace the Route 6 (East River Road) bridge over the Rivanna River. The current concrete bridge was built in 1930 and has a sufficiency rating of 32.1 on a scale of 0 (poor) to 100 (very good). The rating considers adequacy, whether the bridge is functionally obsolete and the level of service provided to the public. The existing bridge has an 18-ton posted weight limit.

What is Proposed?

VDOT proposes to replace the existing bridge with a concrete structure and new approaches on both ends. The new structure will carry all legal-weight loads and will be 38 feet wide.

The Rivanna River bridge carries 1,844 vehicles per day, according to a 2009 count.

Project Costs

The latest estimated project costs are as follows:

Total Cost: $10.55 million

Design and Engineering: $1,500,000

Right of Way Acquisition and Utility Relocation: $225,440

Construction: $8,826,055

These costs are preliminary planning estimates and subject to change as the project is finalized. Cost estimates will be updated as the project progresses.

Project Schedule

Design Public Hearing: April 4, 2012, 5-7 p.m.
Fluvanna Middle School
9172 James Madison Highway
Fork Union, VA 23055

Public Comment Ends: April 16, 2012

Right of Way Acquisition Begins: Fall 2012

Construction Advertisement: 2013

Construction Completion: Summer 2016
VDOT's contractor has experienced issues with construction of the project. The two organizations are partnering to determine a path forward and a reasonable completion date in late summer 2016. (The original completion date was Nov. 20, 2015.)

Links and Resources

News release: VDOT seeks input on Rt. 6 bridge project

Public hearing brochure Adobe Acrobat PDF (225 KB)

Public hearing comment sheet Adobe Acrobat PDF (83 KB)

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