Under Construction: Interstate 95 / Route 630 (Courthouse Road) Interchange Relocation and Route 630 Widening


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This $195 million project is rebuilding the Interstate 95 interchange at Exit 140 (Route 630/Courthouse Road) in Stafford County as a diverging diamond interchange (DDI). 

The new Exit 140 interchange is located slightly south of the existing interchange, with new overpasses carrying Courthouse Road traffic over the interstate.

The new Courthouse Road aligns with an extended Hospital Center Boulevard, which connects with Route 1 directly across from Stafford Hospital. 

West of I-95, Courthouse Road is being widened to four lanes as far west as Ramoth Church Road and Winding Creek Road. 

Project Design: Courthouse Road Widening

Project Design: Exit 140 Interchange

Project Design: Exit 140 interchange (side view)


The new diverging diamond interchange over Interstate 95 at Exit 140 (Courthouse Road) is scheduled to open to traffic on Saturday, December 7, weather permitting. 

On Dec. 7, crews will open the new interchange to traffic, with assistance from Virginia State Police and local law enforcement. Opening the interchange early Saturday will allow crews to take advantage of lighter traffic volumes.

Read the news release on the DDI interchange opening to learn more. 

Watch the Exit 140 DDI simulation video for an aerial and windshield view.

In addition to the interchange opening on Dec. 7, motorists can expect:

  • On eastbound Courthouse Road, all three travel lanes will open in the diverging diamond interchange
  • At Route 1, a new four-lane Hospital Center Boulevard extension will open west of Route 1 and connect directly to the diverging diamond interchange on Courthouse Road through a new Wyche Road intersection
  • On westbound Courthouse Road, all three travel lanes will open in the diverging diamond interchange, but the road will narrow to two westbound travel lanes just before Austin Ridge Drive
  • Courthouse Road west of Austin Ridge Drive will remain reduced to one lane in each direction until late December 2019, when all four lanes will open between the I-95 interchange and Ramoth Church Road/Winding Creek Road

On Dec. 7, three of the new Exit 140 interchange ramps will open, but the I-95 southbound exit ramp to Courthouse Road will remain in a detour pattern until late December 2019.

Click here to view a map of the detour.

Motorists traveling from I-95 southbound to Courthouse Road should follow the posted detour signs to access the new Courthouse Road.

Traffic will be detoured for several weeks to allow crews to build the new exit ramp and raise its elevation to match the height of the new diverging diamond interchange and I-95 overpass bridges. Courthouse Road traffic is currently traveling in the location where this construction work must occur, once the ramp is detoured on December 7.

Courthouse Road Park & Ride Lot Access Change on October 16, 2019

Access to the Park & Ride commuter lot on Courthouse Road will change on Wednesday, Oct. 16, as a new side entrance to the lot opens from Wyche Road.

Following the morning rush hour travel period on Oct. 16, crews will open Florida Rock Drive along Wyche Road.

Florida Rock Drive will serve as the only entrance and exit to the Park & Ride lot until construction is complete in July 2020. Construction is underway to build a larger lot with additional parking spaces and new amenities. 

View an online map of the upcoming access change at the Park & Ride lot.

As the new lot entrance opens at Florida Rock Drive, the temporary traffic signal at the existing lot entrance on Courthouse Road will be turned off. A temporary traffic signal will be placed in full color operation at the Courthouse Road and Wyche Road intersection.

Message boards will be posted this week to alert Park & Ride lot users about the upcoming access change.


  • Diverging Diamond Interchanges (DDIs) lower the number of conflict points between vehicles by eliminating left turns.
  • The new interchange briefly shifts vehicles on Courthouse Road to the other side of the road on new overpass bridges, which allows drivers to merge left onto the I-95 northbound and southbound ramps without stopping at a traffic signal.
  • A wider Courthouse Road provides more lane capacity, and a new connection with Route 1. 
  • The intersection Ramoth Church Road and Winding Creek Road has been realigned. New traffic signals were added to the entrance of Colonial Forge High School and the Liberty Knolls subdivision, and the intersection of Ramoth Church Road and Winding Creek Road. 
  • Two new Park & Ride lots with a combined 1,100 parking spaces are under construction as part of this project. The new lots are located east of I-95. During construction, a temporary lot remains open with 545 parking spaces to provide continuous Park & Ride access at Exit 140. 
  • By July 2020, the finished Park & Ride lots will open with a dedicated pickup and dropoff area for buses, carpools, vanpools and public transit. 

Major Milestones 

July 2017: Construction begins

December 7, 2019: Diverging Diamond Interchange (DDI) opens to traffic, along with the four-lane, extended Hospital Center Boulevard from Route 1 to the new Courthouse Road and DDI 

Late December 2019: Final I-95 southbound exit ramp opens, and four lanes of Courthouse Road open between Austin Ridge Drive and Ramoth Church Road/Winding Creek Road

July 31, 2020: All construction work complete


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Diverging Diamond Interchange (DDI)

A diverging diamond interchange (DDI) is an innovative design that is increasingly being used by state transportation departments.

The ramp configuration is similar to a traditional diamond interchange.

However, traffic on the cross street, Courthouse Road, will switch sides.

Traffic is shifted to the left side of the road, which allows vehicles turning left to enter an interstate on-ramp without stopping at a traffic signal.

Frequently asked questions

YouTube simulation of diverging diamond interchange at Interstate 64 and Route 15, Zion Crossroads, Louisa County, Virginia

A traffic analysis, in the form of an Interchange Modification Report, has been performed on the diverging diamond interchange concept.

The findings, approved by the Federal Highway Administration, are below.

Supplement to the Interchange Modification Report

Phase: Under Construction

UPC: 13558, 4632

State ID: 0095-089-F09, 0630-089-202

Federal ID: C00013558DB83

Lat/Long: 38.422108, -77.423058

Locality: Stafford

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