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Interstate 95/Route 630 (Courthouse Road) Interchange Relocation and Route 630 Widening

Project at a Glance

Begin Date
Construction estimated to begin Summer 2017

Est Completion Date
Spring-Summer 2020

Right-of-Way Acquisition and Utility Relocation

Interchange is estimated at $149.4 million and Route 630 Widening is estimated at $35.9 million

Shirley Contracting Company, LLC



Randy McKinney, VDOT Area Construction Engineer
Kelly Hannon, Communications Manager

About the Project

The Interstate 95 interchange at Exit 140 (Route 630/Courthouse Road) in Stafford County will be rebuilt as a diverging diamond interchange. 

The interchange will be relocated slightly south of the existing interchange. 

The project will also relocate the intersection of Courthouse Road and Route 1 to the south to align with Hospital Center Boulevard.

Courthouse Road will be widened to four lanes between Route 1 and Interstate 95. West of I-95, Courthouse Road will be widened to four lanes to just west of Ramoth Church Road/Winding Creek Road. 

A temporary traffic signal and pedestrian crossing will be installed at the entrance to Colonial Forge High School and Liberty Knolls subdivision before the start of the 2017-2018 school year. A permanent traffic signal will be installed at the end of the project.

Construction will also realign Ramoth Church Road and Winding Creek Road to intersect at a traffic signal.

The Virginia Department of Transportation will construct this project using the design-build procurement method.

On October 19, 2016, the Commonwealth Transportation Board awarded a $99.9 million design-build contract for this project to Shirley Contracting Company, Inc., of Lorton, Va.

Construction will begin in summer 2017.

Construction Schedule

Tentative construction dates have been scheduled for this project. Final schedule information will be available at public meetings before construction begins in summer 2017.

Winter-Spring 2017: Final survey and geotechnical work.

Spring 2017: Right of way acquisition begins for properties affected by the Exit 140 interchange project.

Summer 2017: Construction begins on the Courthouse Road widening project.

Winter-Spring 2018: Construction begins on Exit 140 interchange and new Park & Ride lot.

Late 2019: Completion of Courthouse Road widening.

July 31, 2020: Construction complete on entire project, with the diverging diamond interchange open to traffic. The contractor has a financial incentive to finish work by May 2, 2020.

"Pardon Our Dust" Public Information Meeting: Wednesday, May 17, 2017

A "Pardon Our Dust" public information meeting was held from 6-8 p.m. at Colonial Forge High School on Wednesday, May 17 to share details on upcoming construction.

Additional public meetings will be held throughout the project to keep residents informed on our progress.

If you would like to schedule a VDOT speaker to visit your community group to speak about this project, please contact VDOT Communications Manager Kelly Hannon at Kelly.Hannon@VDOT.Virginia.Gov. or (540) 374-3344.

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Courthouse Road Park & Ride Lot

This project will relocate and expand the Virginia Department of Transportation Park & Ride lot on Courthouse Road in Stafford County.

When construction is complete in 2020, two new Park & Ride lots will open along the relocated Courthouse Road east of Interstate 95. The lots will have a combined total of 1,100 parking spaces.

A lot north of Courthouse Road will have approximately 850 parking spaces, and will include a dedicated carpool/vanpool pickup and dropoff area to assist with High Occupancy Vehicle (HOV) use. This lot will also have a dedicated bus dropoff and pickup area.A smaller lot south of Courthouse Road will have an additional 250 parking spaces.

Current lot users will see no change until summer 2018. The existing Park & Ride lot will remain open until that time.

In summer 2018, the existing lot will be closed, and users will be shifted to a temporary lot east of I-95. The existing number of spaces in the lot – 545 parking spaces – will always be available during construction. VDOT wants carpools, vanpools and transit riders to continue ridesharing from this I-95 interchange during construction.

Diverging Diamond Interchange (DDI)

A diverging diamond interchange (DDI) is an innovative design that is increasingly being built or considered by state transportation departments.

The ramp configuration is similar to a traditional diamond interchange. However, traffic on the cross street, Courthouse Road, will switch sides.

Traffic is shifted to the left side of the road, which allows vehicles turning left to enter an interstate on-ramp without stopping at a traffic signal.

Frequently Asked Questions

YouTube Simulation of Diverging Diamond Interchange at Interstate 64 and Route 15 at Zion Crossroads, Louisa County, Virginia

A traffic analysis, in the form of an Interchange Modification Report, has been performed on the Diverging Diamond Interchange concept. The findings have been approved by the Federal Highway Administration and can be found below.

Supplement to the Interchange Modification Report

Project Documents

Diverging Diamond Interchange Map: View 1

Diverging Diamond Interchange Map: View 2

Diverging Diamond Interchange: Preliminary Plan

Route 630 Widening Map: View 1

Route 630 Widening Map: View 2

Route 630 Widening Map: View 3

Route 630 Widening Map: View 4

Route 630 Widening Map: View 5

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