Coming Soon: New Saluda Residency Office Building

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The capital outlay project will demolish the current office building on General Puller Highway and build a new office space on the same land. The project will be advertised to bidders at the end of January, with construction expected to break ground in March 2017.

The $1.8 million project will take at least a year to build. The new office space will more than double the current facility size with 8,500 square feet of office space, including a large conference room for public meetings.

The current facility, built in 1954, is 3,500 square feet and lacks a space for public meetings.

The new residency building will help staff serve Saluda Residency customers more effectively and efficiently with more personnel in one location, as well as, an assembly area for public hearings.

VDOT anticipates being at the temporary location until December 2018. VDOT’s staff phone numbers and email addresses will remain the same throughout the transition. The current mailing address to the Saluda Residency (1027 General Puller Highway Saluda, VA 23149) will also remain the same.

Due to limited physical access during construction, please use email, phone and mail to communicate with staff members. If you must make an in-person visit after Jan. 17, please call ahead to ensure access is possible.



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Darragh Copley Frye

Joyce McGowan

Locality: Middlesex

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