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Route 301 and Route 207 Corridor Study

King George County and Caroline County

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Begin Date
February 2017

Est Completion Date
March 2018

Project Study

Caroline and King George


Stephen Haynes, VDOT Planning Manager
Darragh Frye, VDOT Communications Coordinator

Study Details

The Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT), in partnership with the George Washington Regional Commission, and affected localities will begin the first phase of a study to use the Route 301 from the Potomac River at the Governor Harry W. Nice Bridge in King George County to Route 207 in Caroline County as an alternative to the Interstate 95 corridor. 

Over the next decade, there are a large number of proposed improvements along the I-95 corridor. Route 301/Route 207  will be an invaluable alternative during periods of congestion and incidents on the interstate. It's also a viable choice for commuters to Washington, D.C. from the Fredericksburg district.   

The recent decision by the Maryland Transportation Authority to widen the Governor Harry W. Nice Bridge placed an emphasis on the need to establish an access management plan for Route 301.  

This study will identify improvements needed to accommodate extra traffic capacity, ensure safety and identify strategies to promote the use of Route 301/Route 207.

The purpose of the study is to improve safety and efficiency in this corridor, encourage economic development in the two counties, create a project list for future Smart Scale projects and reduce future retrofit projects.   

The overall study will take approximately 15 months. 

The first phase of the study will look at the 12-mile stretch of Route 301 in King George County from Route 3 to the Potomac River.  VDOT will study its existing conditions including crash analysis, traffic operations, access locations and future land use. 

The second phase will look at the safety and operations in the 30-mile stretch of roadway from Route 301 and Route 207 from Route 3 in King George County to Route 1 at Carmel Church in Caroline County. 

Final recommendations are expected to be made in March 2018.

Route 301/Route 207 Corridor Study Overview Presentation

Route 301 and Route 207 Arterial Management Plan Kick-off Meeting Presentation



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