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Under Construction

Route 684 (Staffordboro Boulevard) Commuter Parking Lot

Route 610 (Garrisonville Road) Area

Project at a Glance

Begin Date
April 2013

Est Completion Date
October 2014

Total Estimated Cost: $9.6 million

Sargent Corporation



Sylvester Okpala, Area Construction Engineer
Kelly Hannon, Communications Manager

Project Overview

The primary purpose of this project is to add 1,000 parking spaces to the existing parking lot facility at Staffordboro Boulevard in Stafford County, and to improve circulation and safety conditions for vehicular and pedestrian users. 

The proposed project would also add left and right turn lanes on Staffordboro Boulevard and add a roundabout at Juggins Road. 


Project Details

Additional goals of this project include: 

  • Making infrastructure improvements to the surrounding roadway system to avoid traffic congestion created by the increase in vehicular traffic. 
  • Avoiding or minimizing impacts to the existing wetland.
  • Improving connectivity to and from Staffordboro Boulevard and Juggins Road.

Notable features of the design include:

  • An elliptical five-point roundabout at the northwest entrance connecting Juggins Road, Doc Stone Road and Moncure Lane to the parking lot at Entrance Drive. 
  • A total of four vehicular entrances into the parking lot facility. One at the roundabout, and three at Staffordboro Boulevard.
  • Access for school buses from Staffordboro Boulevard through the site.
  • Informal carpooling, or "slugging," pickup and drop off areas will be located in each parking lot. Each slugging area can accommodate as many as 30 people and 4 vehicles. 
  • A bus bay that can accommodate 4 buses.
  • Maintains access to the municipal water tower.
  • Provides a pedestrian sidewalk along Staffordboro Boulevard, and pedestrian access to bus bay area.
  • Utilizes low impact development techniques to meet stormwater management requirements.
  • Improvements to Staffordboro Boulevard to improve access to the reconfigured parking lot facility.



Proposed Schedule

A design public hearing on this project has been scheduled:

Wednesday, Dec. 14, 2011

4-7 p.m.

Anne E. Moncure Elementary

75 Moncure Lane

Stafford, VA 22556

  • The public design hearing and public comment period is scheduled from December 14, 2011-December 26, 2011.
  • Approval of location and design: February 2012
  • Advertise for construction: December 2012


Estimated Project Cost

Total Estimated Cost:

  • $9,679,000

Engineering of Roadway Plans:

  • $963,160

Right of Way Acquisition, Relocation Assistance and Utility Relocation:

  • $1,904,672


  • $6,811,168


Project Brochure and Documents

Please click here to view a copy of the Dec. 14, 2011 design public hearing brochure. 


Please click here to view a copy of the final project design approved on February 21, 2012. 



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