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Air Terminal Interchange Project


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About the Project:

Previous Department of Defense legislation requires that VDOT construct the Air Terminal Interchange as consideration for providing the requisite easement for the (I-564) Intermodal Connector. Once this interchange is built, VDOT will acquire the easement that is needed to build the Intermodal Connector.

Navy Triangle Area Improvements

The Navy Triangle is a five phase strategy. The purpose of this strategy is to develop a beneficial transportation system around the Norfolk Naval Base and Norfolk International Terminals that will:

  • Provide the military with improved methods of mobilizing people and goods
  • Help alleviate existing congestion and improve the level of service on city and naval station streets
  • Eliminate the at-grade railroad crossings
  • Connect the ports directly to a freeway system


Project Update

VDOT and its local Stakeholder partners (the Navy, the Port of Virginia and the City of Norfolk) conducted a design charette in September 2012 to consider possible location and layout options for a new interchange on the proposed Intermodal Connector to service Naval Station Norfolk, Naval Support Activity Hampton Roads, and the public. The proposed location subsequently went through a fatal flaw analysis and was adopted by the Stakeholders. The findings in the design charette are now being used to develop an Interchange Justification Report (IJR) that will be developed using Federal Highway Administration criteria and guidelines. After the Federal Highway Administration has approved the IJR, the project will presented to the Hampton Roads Transportation Planning Organization so that it can become part of the region’s Constrained Long Range Plan.

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