In Design: Centerville Road at News Road Intersection Improvements

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This project will improve the intersection at Centerville Road and News Road in James City County by adding turn lanes and signalizing the intersection. The proposed design includes adding:

  • One left turn lane southbound from Centerville Road onto News Road
  • One right turn lane northbound from Centerville Road onto News Road that will improve sight distance
  • One right turn lane westbound from News Road onto Centerville Road
  • New traffic signal to address existing and future capacity issues
  • Mountable curb on right turn lanes and left turn lane widening in order to reduce property impacts

Centerville Road (Route 614) is an urban minor arterial roadway with a current average daily traffic (ADT) of 6,768 vehicles. The ADT is projected to be 8,400 vehicles per day in design year 2039. News Road (Route 613) is an urban collector roadway with a current ADT of 4,034 vehicles, and the projected ADT is 5,000 vehicles per day. The posted speed limit is 45 mph for both roadways.


The purpose of this project is to improve safety and capacity by adding turn lanes and signalizing the intersection at Centerville Road and News Road.


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Hampton Roads Communications

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Phase: In Design

UPC: 102944

Long/Lat: 37.281448, -76.804719

Locality: James City

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