Recently Completed: Courtland Interchange

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The purpose of this project is to eliminate the existing signalized intersection at Routes 58 and 58 Business, in Courtland, Virginia. 

Improvements will consist of two bridges on a realigned Route 742. The first bridge will be a length of 525 feet, crossing a wetlands area south of Route 58. The bridge will have two 12 feet lanes with three foot shoulders for a total width of 30 feet. The second bridge will be a length of 224 feet and cross Route 58. The bridge will have two 12 feet lanes with eight foot shoulders for a total width of 40 feet.

Two roundabouts will be constructed, one north at the intersection of relocated Route 742 and Route 58 Business, and the second south of Route 58 on relocated Route 742. All traffic passing in or out of Courtland will pass through at least one of these. Three ramps will be constructed to connect the mainline (Route 58) to the roundabouts to complete the interchange. 

During construction there may be detours. Temporary lane closures will be set up as needed for construction. Motorists and the public will be given prior notice for all lane closures. 


Relocation of Route 742 will reduce number of conflict points and enable better traffic flow at this location.

Supporting drainage systems will be installed as part of project improvements. Three Best Management Practices will be constructed to address water quality and quantity issues.

Major Milestones 

Contract crews completed the Courtland Interchange project one month ahead of schedule.  The project that included two roundabouts and a flyover at Route 58 and Jerusalem Road was scheduled to be completed by the end of the year, was signed off as complete on November 30, 2018.

The Courtland Interchange Project reached substantially completion in October 2018.

On May 31, 2018, a major milestone was reached with the introduction of the two new roundabouts and bridges on the project, months ahead of schedule. 



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Hampton Roads Communications

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Long/Lat: 36.697127, -77.041045

Locality: Southampton

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December 2018
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December 2018
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December 2018
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December 2018
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Courtland Interchange Map
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Courtland Interchange - June 2018
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Courtland Interchange - June 2018
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Courtland Interchange Roundabout - October 2018
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Courtland Interchange Roundabout - October 2018

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