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I-64/I-264 Pavement Rehabilitation Design Build Project

Norfolk, Virginia Beach

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Project at a Glance

Begin Date
April 2014

Est Completion Date
November 2015

$128 Million

Lengths and Limits
163 lane-miles east and westbound segments of I-64 and I-264 in Norfolk and Virginia Beach

Lane, Branscome and Curtis

Hampton Roads

Hampton Roads Communications

Project Overview

VDOT has committed more than $128 million to make the rehabilitation of Interstates 64 and 264 in southside Hampton Roads among its top priorities. This project will extend the life of the region’s aging highway system and provide a safe and better driving experience for motorists.



Safety in the Work Zone

VDOT appreciates the public’s patience and support of the project during the roadway improvements and urges motorists to always drive safely through all roadway construction work zones. Please read the Nine Simple Rules for Driving Safely through a work zone that just might save your life!

I-64 and I-264 Pavement Rehab

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Project Scope

The project includes major restoration work that will increase pavement life by 15 years or more for over 163 lane-miles of distressed eastbound and westbound segments of I-64 and I-264 in Norfolk and Virginia Beach.

Project Status, Schedules and Costs

VDOT’s I-64 and I-264 Pavement Rehabilitation Project in South Hampton Roads continues to be a top priority.  Construction crews have restored approximately 65 percent of the 163 lane-miles of distressed interstate segments in Norfolk and Virginia Beach.  With approximately a year remaining to the project’s completion, crews are working under a challenging weeknight schedule, Sunday-Thursday from 7 p.m. to 5 a.m., to accommodate motorists’ daily travel needs.  

Segment 1: Pavement Rehabilitation Project I-64 and I-264

I-64 from Little Creek Road Bridge to Bridge over Curlew Drive and I-264 from Claiborne Avenue Bridge to Broad Creek Bridge

Contractor: Lane Construction Corporation
Distance: 10 miles | 67 lane-miles

  • Notice To Proceed: January 2014
  • Estimated completion: November 2015*
  • Lane closure schedule: (as early as) 8 p.m. to 5 a.m.

Cost: $36.4 million

Status: 48% complete


Segment 2: Pavement Rehabilitation Project I-64

I-64 from HRBT to Little Creek Road Bridge

Contractor: Branscome Inc.
Distance: 5 miles | 20 lane-miles

  • Notice To Proceed: January 2014
  • Substantial Completion: December 2014
  • Estimated Final Completion: March 2015*
  • Lane closure schedule: (as early as) 8:30 p.m. to 5 a.m.

Cost:  $17.1 million

Status: 99% complete


Segment 3: Pavement Rehabilitation Project I-264

I-264 from Railroad Bridge West of Witchduck Road to Parks Avenue

Contractor: Curtis Contracting Inc.
Distance: 12 miles | 76 lane-miles

  • Notice To Proceed: January 2014
  • Estimated Completion: November 2015*
  • Lane closure schedule: (as early as) 7:00 p.m. to 5:00 a.m.

Cost: $74.8 million

Status:  55% complete

* Estimated completion dates are dependent upon weather and unexpected delays.

Project Benefits

  • The I-64 and I-264 Pavement Rehabilitation project will extend the useful life of Hampton Roads’ major highways by more than 15 years.
  • The I-64 and I-264 Pavement Rehabilitation project will result in a smooth, safe driving surface for motorists.

Project Construction

Work includes the following operations:

  • Extensive concrete patching
  • Additional Asphalt Pavement: 3 ¾  to 5 ¾ inches over THMACO (Thin Hot Mix Asphalt Concrete Overlay)
  • Adjustments to drainage structures, barriers and guardrails; minor drainage improvements; pavement markings, safety improvements

Project Impact

  • There will be frequent nightly lane closures on I-64 and I-264 east and west through November 2015.
  • VDOT attempts to schedule maintenance and repair activities during travel periods when traffic volumes are lower, to reduce impact to motorists.
  • All roadway lanes will be open during peak travel times with restricted lane closures during off-peak hours. Work is scheduled to take place at night and some weekends.
  • Work will be suspended during significant holidays and events.

Project Safety

  • VDOT is dedicated to work zone safety. Undivided attention to driving is the most important factor in avoiding a crash, motorists are encouraged to:
    • Slow down
    • Pay attention
    • Obey traffic and control devices
    • Look out for our workers

Motorists should be alert for lane closures and alternative routes prior to traveling in the work zone area by watching for VDOT variable message signs, calling 511, visiting, or downloading Virginia’s free 511 mobile app.

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