Under Construction: I-95 Bridge Replacement over the Meherrin River

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The purpose of this project is to demolish, remove and replace the existing two bridges over the Meherrin River on I-95 north and south. This project will include the realignment of the south bridge and installation of storm water facilities. 

Construction for this project began January 18, 2016 and will be completed by October 2019. The traveling public and area residents should expect to experience typical construction travel impacts during construction.

Crews will first build a new southbound bridge next to the existing southbound bridge.

Once complete, southbound traffic will be shifted to the new bridge, and northbound traffic will be shifted to the old southbound bridge.

Crews will then demolish the old northbound bridge and build a new bridge in its place.

Once complete, northbound traffic will be shifted onto the new span, and the old southbound bridge will be demolished.


New I-95 north and south bridges over the Meherrin River replacing existing infrastructure. 

Major Milestones 

December 5, 2018-Traffic was shifted onto the newly built northbound I-95 bridge.


Contact Info:

Hampton Roads Communications

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Long/Lat: 36.694881, -77.553735

Locality: Emporia

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October 2018
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October 2018
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October 2018
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