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Princess Anne Road Expansion Project

Virginia Beach

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Est Completion Date
Summer 2014

$21 million


Virginia Beach

Hampton Roads

Mitch Layton

What's Being Done

The existing Princess Anne Road is a two-lane road just east of Dam Neck Road to the Virginia Beach Municipal Center. This project will widen the existing highway to a four-lane facility with turn lanes and a wide raised median to accommodate future widening when necessary.

Also included in the project are plans to construct an approximate seven-tenths of a mile section of Nimmo Parkway, providing a connector between Princess Anne Road and Holland Road.

An additional section of Nimmo Parkway, between Holland Road and General Booth Boulevard, will be built under a separate project.

For information on the Nimmo Parkway project, click here.

Why is this road being built?

The City of Virginia Beach requested the improvements be made to this corridor in November 1994. The project is also in accordance with the VDOT Six-Year Improvement Program and the Hampton Roads Planning District Commission’s 2026 Regional Transportation Plan.

The 2002 traffic volume on Princess Anne Road is approximately 22,000 vehicles on a typical weekday. By 2021, it is anticipated that the volume will increase to approximately 51,000 vehicles per day.


The proposed widening will greatly improve traffic operations and reduce congestion along this segment of Princess Anne Road.  

Project Update

Current Status: Construction on Princess Anne Road is 91.5% complete. Traffic has been “split” with one lane in each direction now on opposite sides of the median. Traffic will continue in this pattern as the contractor completes median and multi-use path work. Pedestrian lighting is to be constructed along the multi-use path on the westbound lanes. One lane will continue westbound until the pedestrian lighting is completed in late winter 2014, at which time traffic will be placed into the final four- lane configuration utilizing all travel lanes. Roadway lighting, pedestrian lighting, final topsoil and seeding, landscaping and multi-use path construction will occur in fall 2013 and spring 2014.

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