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Route 460 Paving in Windsor

Isle of Wight County

Project at a Glance

Begin Date
March 2012

Est Completion Date
May 2012


Isle of Wight

Hampton Roads

James Poff

Project Details

This project will repair and replace the existing Jointed Concrete Pavement on Route 460 east and west bound in the Town of Windsor located in Isle of Wight County. The project begins 0.18 miles east of Route 1801 and continues 0.06 miles east of the intersection of Route 603, for a total length of 0.18 miles. The project will consist of patching the existing concrete pavement in the eastbound right travel lane, replacing the existing concrete pavement in the west bound right travel lane, installing edge drains along the west bound lane, replacing some of the existing curb & gutter, and then milling and overlaying all travel lanes of 460 and a short section of Route 603 and Route 610.  

There will be no changes to the existing roadway alignment and all work will be in the existing right of way. All entrances will be maintained during construction.

Project Update

Beginning Thursday, March 1, 2012, the intersection of N. Court Street and Route 460 will have an alternate travel pattern through May 2012. Crews will be making repairs to the intersection in two phases. Work will include, concrete replacement, drainage improvements and curb and gutter repairs. The traffic pattern will shift as work continues and a detour will be in place.

Crews have put the side street detours in place. Drainage work and concrete patching began on March 12. The detour for Route 460 and mainline work began in April 2012. It is estimated the crews will remove the detour by May 15, 2012.

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