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Route 58 Asphalt Overlay Project

Franklin County

Project at a Glance

$8.6 Million

BP Short and Son Pavin


Hampton Roads Public Affairs

Project Overview

This project was a continuation of the Route 58 Rehabilitation Project. This particular section of roadway was repaved from the intersection of Route 704 to 0.28 miles West of Route 654 near the Town of Capron. Crews patched the existing concrete pavement in the eastbound lanes, trenched and widened the left shoulder by an additional foot and then put an overlay on both lanes and both shoulders with 5 inches of asphalt pavement. Safety improvements included the installation of pavement markings, upgrades to the existing guardrail and raises to the existing unpaved shoulders in order to tie-in with the new pavement. The length of this project is 9.75 miles.

Current Status

The project was fully completed in October of 2012.






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