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Route 709 Reconstruction

Accomack County

Project at a Glance

Begin Date
To advertisement April 2015

Est Completion Date

Construction Estimate $15.3 M



Hampton Roads

VDOT Public Affairs

Project Overview

The purpose of this project is to improve safety by addressing lane width, shoulder width, horizontal and vertical alignment deficiencies along Route 13 in Accomack County.  

The project will begin at Route 13 (Lankford Highway) and end at Route 679 (Fleming Road) for a length of approximately 3.99 miles.   

Route 709 is classified as a rural major collector.  The existing typical section consists of two, eight-foot travel lanes with variable width shoulders.  The proposed typical section consists of two 11-foot travel lanes with a six-foot graded shoulders.   It is proposed that two feet of the graded shoulder is paved to enhance bicycle accommodations along the project corridor.  

The width of the existing right of way is 30 feet prescriptive. The proposed right of way width may vary from  50-feet to 60-feet. There are 74 parcels within the project limits. No relocations or total acquisitions are anticipated.

Preliminary Schedule

This project is scheduled to go to advertisement in April 2015. The completion date is being recalculated due to a change in the original advertisement date. The current project estimate is $15.3 million.










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