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The purpose of this project is to replace the existing aging northbound bridge on Route 134 over Brick Kiln Creek in York County, located at the city of Hampton border. The northbound bridge was constructed in 1930 and will need to be updated to meet the current design standards with new bridge approaches and wider shoulders added.

The proposed bridge will have two 12-foot travel lanes with a 10-foot right shoulder and a 6-foot left shoulder.

Maintenance on the southbound bridge was completed separately from this project.


This project will replace the aging northbound bridge with a new bridge built up to current standards.

Major Milestones 

Right of way acquisitions completed in July 2018. 

Relocation of utilities was completed in April 2019.  

Construction estimated to begin fall 2019 and end fall 2021. 


Contact Info:

Hampton Roads Communications

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UPC: 105222

State ID: 0134-099-632

Long/Lat: 37.096017, -76.400102

Locality: York

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The northbound bridge on Route 134 over Brick Kiln Creek
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