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Shoulder Lane Improvements on I-264

Virginia Beach

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Summer 2013

Est Completion Date
Spring 2015

Virginia Beach

Hampton Roads

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Project Details

This multi-phase enhancement project will help to clearly identify the shoulder lane for the traveling public during times of use. In an effort to have motorists better utilize these lanes, improvements will include new pavement markings, signage and the removal of overgrown vegetation.

To complete these safety improvements, Lane Control Signs (LCS) have been mounted over the designated lanes on the interstate. This phase began in late summer 2013.

These 20 Lane-Use Control Signals (LCS) are located along the entire eastbound and westbound segment of I-264 from Rosemont Road to Witchduck Road. Lane-use control signals are special overhead signals that permit or prohibit the use of specific lanes of a highway or that indicate the impending prohibition of their use. Lane-use control signals are  distinguished by placement of special signal faces over a certain lane or lanes of the roadway and by their distinctive shapes and symbols.Lane contol signal definitions: Red X means lane is closed. Green down arrow means lane is open. Yellow diagonal arrow means lane is about to be closed.

The new LCS display a green down arrow indicating the shoulder lane is open or a red X symbol to indicate the shoulder lane is closed. A third symbol consisting of a diagonal yellow down arrow has been approved by the Federal Highway Administration for experimental testing.This symbol will communicate the need for motorists to merge into an adjacent lane. 

The work also includes the removal of 10 existing dynamic message signs (DMS) that were used for the sole purpose of identifying the opening or closing of the shoulder lanes, and replacing them with the more cost-efficient and lower maintenance LCS.

Current Status

Vegetative control, placement of 29 ground mounted signs and the addition of pavement markings and high-friction surface treatments were installed in 2013 to help identify these lanes to motorists. 

To complete these safety improvements, Lane Control Signs (LCS) have been mounted over the designated lanes on the interstate and were activated on Tuesday, March 31, 2015. Now that the signs are operational, Virginia State Police will be enforcing restriction times for the lanes. 

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