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Turnpike Road Reconstruction

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Begin Date
June 2015

Est Completion Date
May 2018

$23.4 million

Branch Civil, Inc.


Hampton Roads

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Project Overview

Turnpike Road is an urban minor arterial roadway connecting Frederick Boulevard to downtown Portsmouth and the Elizabeth River Tunnel (ERT) project, previously known as the Midtown Tunnel. When the ERT project permanently closed Harbor Drive in summer 2014, Turnpike Road became a viable route option to connect to I-264 and the Downtown and Midtown tunnels. The average daily traffic is expected to reach almost 5,000 vehicles by the year 2020. 

The purpose of this project is to increase capacity and improve motorist and pedestrian safety by widening the existing two-lane road to four (11-foot wide) lanes with a 12-foot center median left turn lane, sidewalks and curbs and gutter. The project spans approximately one mile, from west of Frederick Boulevard to Constitution Avenue in the City of Portsmouth. 

This project will be completed in phases, with segments of Turnpike Road closed during each phase. Signed detours will be in place during construction, which will allow the travelling public to reach their designated locations on Turnpike Road.

Project Benefits

  • Increase vehicular capacity
  • Improve vehicular and pedestrian safety
  • Creation of a connector route from downtown Portsmouth to I-264, the ERT Midtown Tunnel and Rte 164
  • With a reliable Transportation system in place, businesses will be attracted to the area
  • Reduction in traffic congestion which:
    • Reduces gas consumption per vehicle
    • An improvement in our environmental footprint
    • An increase in local and regional productivity, thus increasing economic output which sustains job growth
    • Improving quality of life

Project Update - COMPLETED

The Turnpike Road Reconstruction Project began in spring 2015 and was completed in May 2018. The project spans one mile and increases the road from two lanes to four lanes, improved the curbs and gutters, and most importantly increased public safety.

Along with the road construction, considerable work was done under the roadway repairing and replacing aging infrastructure, utilities and sewer lines. Work also included a major redesign and relocation of a 48-inch sewer main for the Hampton Roads Sanitation Department and was still completed ahead of schedule.

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