Local/State Plan and Program Consistency

VDOT Planners: Keeping citizens informed at every turn.Planning Elements of Chapter 729

Chapter 729 of the 2012 Acts of Assembly changed the required transportation elements that must be included in a locality’s comprehensive plan and directed VDOT to notify the Commonwealth Transportation Board if the adopted transportation plan portion of a locality’s comprehensive plan is not consistent with:

Furthermore, the law requires each locality to inform VDOT on or before January 1, 2013, when it expects to update its transportation plan to be consistent with the new requirements.  This information should be provided to the local VDOT contact (generally the Residency Administrator, District Transportation and Land Use Director, or District Planner).

Finally, localities must provide VDOT a copy of the draft plan at least 90 days prior to adoption of the plan or an amendment to the plan and, once adopted, provide a copy of the final plan.Used frequently throughout Europe, round-a-bouts are gaining in popularity in Virginia primarily because of their safety record.

VDOT staff reviewing local transportation plans will consider a plan consistent if it includes the projects set out in the above listed documents and does not include recommendations that would prevent those projects from advancing.  Not all projects contained in the Six-Year Improvement Program need be incorporated into local transportation plans in order for those plans to be consistent; only those projects that are “significant new, improved, or relocated” highway projects need be included, which means projects on Rural Major or Urban Collector (or higher classification) roadways that are:

i)  On new location,
ii) Relocate a roadway, or
iii) Add one or more through lanes or an interchange.

If VDOT determines that a comprehensive plan’s transportation plan is inconsistent with VTrans, the Six-Year Improvement Program, or route locations as noted above, VDOT must notify the Commonwealth Transportation Board of such inconsistency and the Board may take action to try and encourage consistency between the state plans and the local transportation plan.



Page last modified: Sept. 12, 2013