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Lynchburg Projects

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Under Construction

District-wide Guardrail Repair
Repair and replacement of guardrail

Route 49 Clarksville Road over Aaron's Creek, Halifax County

Route 501 Bridge over James River on Amherst/Bedford County line

Route 623 (Twin Bridges Road) over Norfolk-Southern Railroad, Prince Edward County
UPC 77308

Route 633 (Virso Road) Bridge Replacement over Bush River, Prince Edward County
UPC 82514

Route 642 (Meadville Road), Halifax County
UPC 15215

Coming Soon

Route 622 over Cascade Creek, Pittsylvania County


Kentuck Road Planning Level Study, City of Danville

Main Street and Bedford Avenue, Town of Altavista Study

Moorefield Road Planning Level Study, Pittsylvania County

Mt. Cross Road and Stony Mill Road/Tunsall High Road Intersection Analysis Study, Pittsylvania County

Phases II and III, Route 29 Corridor Study

Route 151 Corridor Study - Nelson County

Route 29 Corridor Study
Creating a transportation blueprint for the Route 29 corridor

Route 501 Corridor Study, Campbell and Halifax Counties

Wards Ferry Road (Lynchburg) Corridor Study Final Report


None at this time.

In Design

FY2015 Asphalt Plant Mix Schedules, Lynchburg District

FY2015 Latex Modified Emulsion Treatment Schedule, Lynchburg District

FY2015 Surface Treatment Schedules, Lynchburg District

Replace Bridge-Mounted Signs, Lynchburg District
UPC 103831

Route 130 over Pedlar River, Amherst County

Route 15 Shoulder Widening, Charlotte County
UPC 104684

Route 151 turn lane projects, Nelson County

Route 20 (Constitution Route), Buckingham County

Route 20 over Slate River, Buckingham County

Route 29 Shoulder Widening, Nelson County
UPC 104682

Route 29 Shoulder Widening, Pittsylvania County
UPC 104683

Route 460 and 29, Richmond Highway, Lynchburg-Phase II
Access Management project-Phase II

Route 501 Passing Lanes, Campbell County

Route 643 (Back Hampden-Sydney Road) , Prince Edward County

Route 643 (Wagon Trail Road) over Horsley Creek, Amherst County

Route 643 Bridge over Falling River Replacement, Campbell County

Route 675 (Tola Road), Charlotte County
Bridge and Approaches over Cub Creek

Route 711 (Tardy Mountain Road) over Norfolk Southern Railway, Campbell County

Route 778 bridge project Design Public Hearing, Amherst County

U. S. Route 29 South over Norfolk Southern Railroad, Pittsylvania County

Recently Completed

District Wide Bridge Deck Epoxy Overlay Contract - 6 Bridges, Amherst and Campbell Counties
UPC 101751

District Wide Bridge Painting Contract, 6 bridges-Amherst, Campbell and Nelson Counties
UPC 101752

District Wide Bridge Rehabilition - 8 Bridges
UPC 103121 and 100968

Hamilton Blvd. - extend right turn lane to N. Main Street, Town of South Boston
UPC 88839

Route 29 North (North Amherst Highway) Bridge Replacement over Buffalo River, Amherst County
UPC 77301

Route 623 (Stagebridge Road) Bridge Superstructure Replacement over Rockfish River, Nelson County
UPC 101753

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