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Odd Fellows Road Interchange at Routes 460/29

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Raina A. Rosado, P.E.
Raymond T. Partridge, Procurement Project Manager, PPTA Office

Project Description

Odd Fellow Road serves industrial traffic as an entrance to the City of Lynchburg's Industrial Park, as well as other commercial properties in the immediate area.  Presently, Odd Fellow Road begins at US Route 29 (Lynchburg Expressway) crossing Mayflower Drive and dead ends south of Mayflower Drive. 

The City of Lynchburg has voiced strong support for this project.  It has been ranked by the City Council as third on their road improvements priority list.  On August 18, 2011, the extension of Odd Fellow Road with a new interchange at Route 460/29 was adopted to the Central Virginia Transportation Improvement Program.  

The functional classification of Route 460 is Rural Principal Arterial Freeway with a minimum proposed design speed of 70 mph.  Odd Fellow Road is maintained by the City of Lynchburg and is classified as an Urban Local Street (Industrial) and shall be designed at a minimum design speed of 40 mph.  Route 837 (Top Ridge Road) is also an Urban Local Street and shall be designed with a 40 mph design speed.  

The Odd Fellow Road Interchange project was originally being delivered through VDOT's traditional design-bid-build process by in-house Lynchburg District staff. 


Public-Private Transportation Act Delivery Procurement

There is potential for delivery of the project as a public-private partnership under the Public-Private Transportation Act (PPTA) of 1995 as amended.  An Unsolicited PPTA Proposal was submitted on July 3, 2013 and the Unsolicited PPTA Proposal Policy Review prepared by the Office of Transportation Public-Private Partnerships (OTP3) was acted upon by the PPTA Steering Committee on July 19, 2013

The PPTA Steering Committee concurred with the recommendation to have the OTP3 perform the Detail-Level Screening and provide that information to the Commissioner and PPTA Steering Committee for a subsequent decision whether to advance to procurement under the PPTA. 

The Detail-Level Screening and Executive Summary and Recommendations were presented to the PPTA Steering Committee on December 12, 2013.  The Committee determined to advance the project as a short-term priority (less than 2 years) and initiate project development activities and a competitive procurement.


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