In Design: Route 58 over Route 311, Pittsylvania County


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This project will reconstruct the intersection of Route 58 and Route 311. The reconstructed intersection will consist of a right turn lane, left/thru lane and a left turn lane for northbound traffic at the intersection. The turn lanes for eastbound traffic will be adjusted to improve operations and capacity. In addition, the signal will be replaced to address the new intersection configuration.


This project will support economic development in the area.


Contact Info:

Brian Casto, P.E.

Major funding source: State Funds

Phase: Development

UPC: 109829

State ID: 6058-108-419, P101

Federal ID: STP-5108(159)

Lat/Long: 36.604722, -79.527778

Locality: Pittsylvania

Page last modified: June 24, 2019