Sherwood Forest

This 12.5-mile segment links the western bank of the Chickahominy River to Charles City County Courthouse. The Trail is located parallel to Route 644 on the south side from the Charles City Courthouse to Route 155 (Courthouse Road), parallel to Route 5 on the south side from Route 155 to Route 615 (Glebe Lane) and parallel to Route 5 on the north side from Route 615 to 0.4 miles west of the Chickahominy River. 

Cost: $13.8 million (includes design, right of way acquisition and construction)

Status: Construction was completed in fall 2014.

Photos: Groundbreaking ceremony photos (May 24, 2012)

Construction photos: August 2013, April 2013 and September 2012. Take a 360 degree panoramic tour of the Sherwood Forest Phase

Map of Virginia Capital Trail Highlighting Sherwood Forest

Page last modified: June 30, 2017