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I-395 Express Lanes Extension

Turkeycock Run Interchange to the vicinity of Eads Street in Arlington County

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Begin Date
Construction: 2017

Est Completion Date


Lengths and Limits
Turkeycock Run Interchange to the vicinity of Eads Street

Alexandria, Arlington, and Fairfax

Northern Virginia

Susan Shaw, P.E.
Project Manager

Amanda Baxter
Environmental Lead

Note: A public information meeting was held Dec. 1 and a design public hearing was held Nov. 30.

About the Project

This project will extend the 395 Express Lanes for eight miles north from Turkeycock Run near Edsall Road to the vicinity of Eads Street in Arlington.

The two existing HOV lanes (or High Occupancy Toll) lanes will be converted to express lanes and a third lane will be added, providing three reversible express lanes.

The improvements primarily will be built within the existing footprint of the I-395 HOV lanes.

In November 2015, the Commonwealth signed a Framework Agreement, establishing that the 395 Express Lanes extension will be done by Transurban under the current 95 Express Lanes Comprehensive Agreement with VDOT.

There will be a dedicated annual payment by Transurban for transit services and multimodal strategies identified in a study led by Virginia’s Department of Rail and Public Transportation.

Vehicles with three or more people can use the express lanes for free, while vehicles with fewer than three people can choose to pay a variable toll and use the express lanes.

Construction is expected to begin in 2017, with the new extended lanes opening in 2019.

Key Improvements

  • Extending express lanes to the vicinity of Eads Street
  • Providing new travel options for single-occupant drivers
  • Installing an active traffic management system to keep traffic moving
  • Providing sound walls for nearby neighborhoods
  • Improving connections between the I-395 Express Lanes and Eads Street
  • Providing dedicated annual funding for transit


Public Outreach: Ongoing
Prepare Environmental Document: 2016 
Multimodal Study: 2016
Public Information Meetings: Spring 2016
Public Hearings: Fall 2016
Begin Construction: 2017
Estimated project completion: 2019

Public Outreach

Design Public Hearings were held October 24 and October 26, 2016.

Design Public Hearing presentation
Display Boards
Comment Sheet 

Public Information Meetings were held April 11 and April 13, 2016.

Display Boards   
Comment Sheet

NEPA Materials (2016)

Environmental Assessment (Sept. 2016)

Hard copies of these reports are available at the following locations:

  • Arlington Central Library
    1015 N Quincy Street
    Arlington, VA 22201
  • Beatley Central Library
    5005 Duke Street
    Alexandria, VA 22304


VDOT Meetings with HOAs (Nov. 2016)
I-95/I-395 Transit/TDM Plan Study Overview (Sept. 2016)
Presentation to Fairlington Citizens Association (Sept. 2016)
Presentation from Elected Officials and Media Briefing (March 2016)
Express Lanes Corridor Map 
Project Brochure (Jan. 2016)
Noise Report (June 2013)
Noise Report (Jan. 2013)
Fundamentals of Traffic Noise Presentation (2013) 
Design Public Hearings Display Boards and Comment Sheet (Sept. 2011)

Interchange Justification Report: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12

Express Lanes Comprehensive Agreement

Express Lanes Technical Requirements

More information on the Express Lanes network:
I-95 and I-495 ExpressI-395 Express (planned)

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UPC: 108313

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