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Belmont Ridge Road at the Dulles Greenway

Improvements including adding a lane to Belmont Ridge Road in each direction on the existing bridge in Loudoun County
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Begin Date
Summer 2019

In Design

$7.5 million

Lengths and Limits
Just south of Dulles Greenway to just north of Dulles Greenway


Northern Virginia

Khalid Gandhi, P.E.
Location & Design

Kimberly McCool, P.E.
Preliminary Engineering

About the Project

This project will increase the number of lanes in each direction from one to two along Belmont Ridge Road (Route 659) over the Dulles Greenway (Route 267) without structural widening of the existing bridge.

The existing Belmont Ridge Road bridge over the Dulles Greenway is 60 feet wide, and provides one lane in each direction plus a left turn lane from northbound Belmont Ridge Road to the ramp to westbound Dulles Greenway. Two through lanes are proposed in each direction and a left turn lane on northbound Belmont Ridge Road to westbound Dulles Greenway, with two-foot shoulders on both sides.

North of the bridge, there will be minor pavement improvements and restriping, and retiming and other adjustments to the traffic signal at Ashburn Farm Parkway/Sycolin Road. South of the bridge, there will be more significant reconstruction of the roadway's approach and the ramps to and from eastbound Dulles Greenway.

The project will also include a new traffic signal on Belmont Ridge Road at the westbound Dulles Greenway on- and off-ramps.

The project aims to reduce congestion and improve safety and operations for drivers.

Within the project limits, Belmont Ridge Road averages up to 18,000 vehicles a day and the Dulles Greenway averages 33,000 vehicles. At the Belmont Ridge Road intersection, Sycolin Road averages 13,000 vehicles a day and Ashburn Farm Parkway averages 11,000 vehicles.

Begin Preliminary Engineering - June 2016
Notice of Willingness to Hold Public Hearing - December 2017
Categorical Exclusion Public Notice - December 2017
Begin Construction - Summer 2019

Estimated Costs
Preliminary Engineering - $1.3 million
Construction - $6.2 million
Total - $7.5 million

This project is being financed with federal and state funding.


Notice of Willingness to Hold Public Hearing (December 2017)
Categorical Exclusion
Cultural Resources Summary Report
Aerial Overview

Project Numbers
State: 0659-053-154, P101, M501
UPC: 109473
Federal: STP-5A01 (787)

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