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Dale Boulevard Intersection Safety Improvements

Improvements to five intersections in Prince William County

Project at a Glance

Prince William

Northern Virginia

Lee Ann Hall, P.E.
Project Manager (98368)
Andy Hetzer
Construction Manager (98370, 98371, 98372)
Michael Gleasman, P.E.
Area Construction Engineer (98370, 98371, 98372)
Angel Tao
Project Manager (98372)
Dan Owens
Construction Manager (98376)
Sid A. Siddiqui, P.E.
Senior Engineering Supervisor, NRO Traffic Engineering (98376)

About the Project

This project includes safety improvements to several intersections along Dale Boulevard (Route 784) in Prince William County. Improvements include:

  • UPC 98368 - Cherrydale Drive/Barksdale Street (Route 2457) at Dale Boulevard (Route 784) - Install additional lighting at Cherrydale Drive/Barksdale Street (Route 2457). View plans

         Project completed in July 2014

  • UPC 98370 - Forestdale Avenue (Route 1826) at Dale Boulevard (Route 784) - Upgrading the existing traffic signal at Forestdale Avenue (the Forestdale intersection by the Pizza Hut) from a span wire to a mast arm design, and install pedestrian crossings with ADA ramps with bumpouts in the northeast quadrant View plans

         Project completed in May 2014  

  • UPC 98371 - Lindendale Road/Quate Lane (Route 2053) at Dale Boulevard (Route 784) - Offsetting the Eastbound and Westbound left turn lanes, upgrading the signal, relocating the pedestrian crossing and improving sight distance at Lindendale Road/Quate Lane (Route 2053) View plans

         Construction began Jan. 26, 2015; completion in Nov. 2015

  • UPC 98372 - Kaiser Court/Hillendale Drive (Route 784) at Dale Boulevard (Route 784) - Adding a new southbound left-turn lane on Kaiser Court/Hillendale Drive (Route 784), upgrading the signal to a mast arm and improving sight distance View plans

         Construction begin date TBD

          View project information

  • UPC 98376 - Delaney Road (Route 2025) at Dale Boulevard (Route 784) - Upgrading the signal at Delaney Road (Route 2025) View plans

         Construction began in April 2014; completion date TBD

View the environmental documents (programmatic categorical exclusions) for the Cherrydale Drive, Lindendale Road and Kaiser Court improvements.

UPCs 98368, 98370, 98371, 98372, 98376

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