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I-66 and Route 28 Improvements

Preliminary study to identify interchange alternatives in Fairfax County

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Begin Date
Construction: 2016 at earliest


Northern Virginia

Wayne Lightfoot

The Six-Year Improvement Program approved by the Commonwealth Transportation Board in June 2014 provides $50 million to begin design, right of way and construction for Phase 1 improvements to the I-66 interchange at Route 28. Construction could begin as early as 2016.

About the Project

This study will identify interchange alternatives, create a concept-level operational analysis, develop cost estimates and identify key implementation constraints. Study results will be shared with the community and stakeholders, and next steps will include identifying funding.

The study will consider:

  • Traffic volumes at the year 2040
  • Right-of-way impacts and property access issues for the Fairfax County Park Authority
  • Braddock and Walney Roads
  • Community concerns
  • Possible phasing opportunities



Public information meeting brochure, presentation and display boards: Overall plans (13MB), northern focus (10MB), and southern focus (12MB) (April 2013)
Stakeholder meeting presentation and summary of comments received (May 2012)

UPC:103317   State Project: 0066-029-016,P101   Fed Project: HSIP-066-1(345)

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