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I-66 Active Traffic Management System

Improving safety and incident management from the D.C. line to Route 29 in Gainesville

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Begin Date
August 2013

Est Completion Date
Spring 2016

$39 million

Lengths and Limits
D.C. line to Route 29 in Gainesville


Northern Virginia

Kamal Suliman
ATMS Manager

About the Project

This project installed an active traffic management (ATM) system on I-66 through Arlington, Fairfax and Prince William counties from the Washington, D.C. line to Route 29 in Gainesville. The system has improved safety and incident management and includes new overhead sign gantries, shoulder and lane control signs, speed displays, incident and queue detection, and increased traffic camera coverage.

The overhead gantries were installed between the Beltway and Route 29 in Centreville.

TransCore designed and built the active traffic management system, which was activated in September 2015.

The project is scheduled for final completion in the spring of 2016.



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State Project Number: 0066-96A-917   UPC: 98017

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