In Design: King Street over I-395

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The project will rehabilitate the King Street (Route 7) bridge over I-395, which was built in 1970. The five-span structure carries six lanes of traffic, three in the eastbound direction and three in the westbound direction along with a median sidewalk. The bridge consists of a concrete deck, steel superstructure, and concrete substructure.    

Proposed repairs include the following:

  • Installing An Impressed Current Cathodic Protection (ICCP) system with Latex Modified Concrete (LMC) overlay
  • Repair damaged concrete and install an ICCP system in the pier caps
  • Repair damaged column concrete and apply Electrochemical Chloride Extraction (ECE) treatment, and seal the treated surface with a breathable sealer
  • Repair damaged Abutment concrete, apply ECE treatment, and seal the treated surface with a breathable sealer
  • Repair and paint all steel beams and replace bearings
  • Reconstruct the substandard bridge barrier/railing
  • Repair and/or replace guardrail, mill and overlay approaches
  • Minor pedestrian, bicycle and lighting improvements
  • Repair roadway pavement and joints


The bridge is almost 50 years old and these repairs, which carry approximately 24,000 vehicles per day, will enhance safety.


Contact Info:

Brian Morrison, P.E.
Structure & Bridge

Andrew Beacher, P.E.
Preliminary Engineering

Phase: In Design

Long/Lat: 38.834760, -77.097896

Locality: Alexandria

Page last modified: April 26, 2019