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Rolling Road and Hunter Village Drive

New signal in Fairfax County

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Begin Date

Est Completion Date
September 2014

Approx. $420,000 total


Northern Virginia

Sid A. Siddiqui, P.E.
Project Manager

About the Project

A traffic signal is needed at this intersection to improve traffic flow and enhance safety for motorists and pedestrians.  Specifically this new traffic signal will help to accommodate increasing traffic volumes and to prevent angle accidents.

The new traffic signal includes vehicle detection on all approaches to minimize delays and time spent waiting during the red signal indication. Pedestrians will be provided with “walk” signals with countdown timers, push-buttons to call the pedestrian signal, a new painted crosswalk, and curb ramps. The project is currently under construction with an estimated completion date of September 2014.

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Estimated project cost
Preliminary engineering: $70,000
Right of way: $100,000
Construction: $250,000
Total: $420,000



Public hearing brochure and comments summary (Feb. 20, 2013)
Project plans

State Project: 0638-029-021,P101,R201,M502 UPC: 103436
Federal Project: HSIP-5A01(391), HSIP-5A01(430), HSIP-5A01(428)

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