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Route 1/123 Interchange

Utilities, widening and new interchange in Woodbridge

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Begin Date
February 2015

Utilities Construction

$259 million

Martin & Gass, Inc.

Prince William

Northern Virginia

Calvin Britt, P.E.
Project Manager

Chan Basnayake, P.E.

Shea Ridings
Utilities Construction

Claudia Llana, P.E.
Preliminary Engineering

This project includes widening Jefferson Davis Highway and Gordon Boulevard, building a new interchange and other improvements, and placing utilities along Route 1 underground.

The intersections of Route 123 and Occoquan Road at Route 1 currently operate at capacity during peak periods, and are expected to operate at unacceptable levels in the future without improvement. Several planned improvements will provide acceptable service through 2036. VDOT’s current plans are to build the project in several phases.

Utility Work

Currently under Construction

In advance of widening Route 1, crews are constructing a Ductbank to place utilities underground along Route 1. This work includes clearing buildings in the path.

As of February 2016,
work on the south end of the project is mostly complete. Work is now concentrated mostly on the north end, in the area of Route 1 and Route 123.

While access to businesses will be maintained, pedestrians and vehicles may occasionally need to navigate a temporary work zone or relocated entrance.

Utility companies are also working along the project with short-term lane closures as needed to install utilities, remove poles, and restore median, sidewalk, parking lot and road areas to original condition.

Construction: February 2015 through summer 2016

Route 1 Widening

To be constructed early 2016 through 2018

In Phase 1, this project will widen Route 1 and add turn lanes along Occoquan Road. 

Route 1 will be widened from four to six lanes between Mary's Way and the approach to the Occoquan River Bridge. 

Occoquan Road will also be improved with median and turn lanes from Route 1 to south of Horner Road. The signal at Route 1 and Occoquan will remain and traffic operations will be improved by the additional through and turn lanes on both roads.

This phase also provides enhanced access to the Woodbridge VRE/Amtrak Station for vehicles, bikes and pedestrians, and constructs an important segment of the Potomac Heritage National Scenic Trail from the intersection at Route 123 and Annapolis Way to the Belmont Bay community.

Route 1/123 Interchange

Phase 2 includes several improvements to significantly improve traffic flow:

- Building Route 123 over Route 1 and the CSXT railroad to separate through traffic, and connect Route 123 to Belmont Bay Drive east of the railroad
- Widening Route 123 from four to six lanes from  Route 1 to just east of I-95
- Raising Express Drive to connect to the new Route 123/Belmont Bay Drive
The project will eliminate two signalized intersections on Route 1 at Route 123 and Annapolis Way.

This phase would be constructed when additional funding has been identified.

Route 1 currently carries about 35,000 vehicles per day, and Route 123 carries about 21,000 vehicles per day. Projected volumes for 2036 are 75,000 vehicles per day on Route 1 and 36,000 on Route 123.

Project Features

Some of the project's features include: 

  • Raised grass medians on Route 1 between Mary’s Way and the Occoquan River, and on Route 123 over Route 1 to Belmont Bay Drive
  • A new Route 1 bridge at Marumsco Creek
  • A ten-foot shared-use path and six-foot sidewalk on Routes 1 and 123 
  • Underground utilities along Route 1

Route 1 at Occoquan Road/Dawson Beach Road will be improved by:

  • Additional thru lanes on Route 1
  • Double left-turn lanes on northbound Route 1 to Occoquan Road
  • Double left-turns on southbound Route 1 to Dawson Beach Road
  • Additional turn lanes on Occoquan Road

Typical Section

Total Estimated Cost

Preliminary Engineering: $14.6 million
Right of Way: $86.6 million
Utilities: Up to $12.1 million (Ductbank design and construction)  
Widening and Interchange Construction: $145.7 million
Total: $259 million


"Pardon Our Dust" for utilities ductbank (March 9, 2015)
Presentation and question-and-answer summary

Public Hearing (March 2011)

Construction Plans for Phase 1 (6MB)
Interchange Phase 2 Design Alternatives 
    Alternative A - Dawson Beach Road full access at Route 1
    Alternative B - Dawson Beach Road partial access at Route 1 (preferred) (6MB)
Typical Section Renderings
Brochure and summary of comments

Prince William County Board Resolution for Undergrounding Utilities (Dec. 2013)

Environmental documents:
Environmental Assessment
Environmental Assessment Reevaluation
Finding of de minimus impact

UPCs: 14693, 105798, 94102, 100938
State Projects: 0123-076-F29, 0001-076-171, 0123-076-004, 0123-076-080
Federal Project: STP-111-1(114)

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