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Route 50/10th Street and Route 50/Courthouse Road

Improvements to two interchanges in Arlington County

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Begin Date
April 11, 2011

Est Completion Date
September 2014

Approx. $39 million

Flippo Construction Co., Inc.


Northern Virginia

Gregg Newhouse, P.E. (ATCS)
Construction Manager
Charles "Mel" Harvey, P.E.
Area Construction Engineer

Note: All lanes, intersections and turning movements and all access points to and from Route 50 east and west to/from 10th Street and Courthouse Road opened to traffic on August 27, 2014. Remaining landscaping work will occur in mid-to-late September.

About the Project

This project improves the interchanges on Route 50 (Arlington Boulevard) at 10th Street and at Courthouse Road. These interchanges, constructed in the early 1950s, had been tightly spaced by today’s standards, with short acceleration lanes and insufficient capacity for current and future traffic volumes.

Watch a brief video on the project courtesy of Arlington TV (March 2013)

Project Details
The 10th Street and Courthouse Road bridges over westbound Arlington Boulevard are being replaced, and dedicated acceleration/deceleration lanes are being added on Arlington Boulevard, separated from the main roadway. These new lanes will improve traffic flow by managing the merge of entering and exiting vehicles (see typical section to the right). Additional improvements include:

  • Signalized intersections providing access from eastbound Route 50 to 10th Street and Courthouse Road
  • Ramps providing access from westbound Route 50 to 10th Street and Courthouse Road
  • A signalized “T” intersection providing access from both directions of Fairfax Drive to the Courthouse Road ramp

Traffic Impacts  
Drivers can expect up to two of three lanes in each direction on Rt. 50 to be closed weeknights from 9 p.m. to 5 a.m. through the interchanges. 

To allow crews to reconstruct the interchanges, four closures with signed detours are expected over the course of the project:

  • Westbound ramp to N. Courthouse Road (Detour 15th St. N) as well as westbound Route 50 to N. Fairfax Drive (Detour 10th St. N.) See detour map for this phase.
  • Fairfax Drive between N. Troy Street and N. Scott Street Detour N. Scott Street to 13th St. N. to N. Troy St. See detour map for this phase.
  • Bridge from southbound 10th Street to eastbound Rt. 50 (Detour Washington Boulevard to N. Pershing to Rt. 50) and the ramp from westbound Route 50 to N. Fairfax Drive. See detour map for this phase.
  • Ramps for eastbound Rt. 50 to and from Courthouse Road. See entire detour plan and traffic alert with Google maps for each detour.

As the trail along westbound Route 50 is also closed in the project area during construction, some suggested detours for bicycles and pedestrians are also shown on these maps.

10th Street Ramp to Westbound 50 opened to traffic in September 2013. Courthouse bridge opened to Eastbound Route 50 traffic in November 2013. 

The project features a public art component with custom-designed concrete panels and LED back-illuminated, patterned metal grillwork designed by artist Vicki Scuri, working with the Arlington Cultural Affairs Public Art program.
Shared-Use Path and Transit
A bicycle trail is being added eastbound on Arlington Boulevard from Pershing Drive to Rolfe Street, and the existing westbound trail is being relocated and extended under the 10th Street bridge.

Two existing bus stops along westbound Arlington Boulevard are being consolidated into one stop. Utilities within the project limits have been placed underground as requested by Arlington County.


Arlington Boulevard was constructed in the 1930s as a four-lane, divided highway. In 1954, existing interchanges at 10th Street and Courthouse Road were added.

Arlington Boulevard is now six lanes through the county. Eastbound on Arlington Boulevard, 10th Street traffic enters from the left; Courthouse Road traffic exits and enters from the left. There is no access from eastbound Arlington Boulevard to 10th Street, but right-hand entrances and exits from westbound Arlington Boulevard to both Courthouse Road and 10th Street. See an overhead view of the existing interchange.

Cost and Schedule

Project Cost 
The entire estimated project cost is approximately $39 million.
    $5.3 million - Preliminary engineering
    $3.3 million - Utilities
    $1.2 million - Right of way acquisition
    $30 million - Construction

Project Schedule
April 2011 - Begin construction
    June 2011 - Utility relocation complete
    September 2014 - Estimated project completion


Interchange prior to construction
Environmental document (Categorical Exclusion)
Existing (2009) and proposed (2032) interchange traffic volumes 
Pardon our Dust meeting flyer and presentation (May 2011)

Project Number:  (FO) 0050-000-728, P101, R201, C501, B611, B612
ARRA FS-09(061)  UPC 93526/13531

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