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Sleepy Hollow Bridge

Repairs to the bridge over Tripps Run in Fairfax County

Project at a Glance

Begin Date
October 2011

Est Completion Date
May 2012

$1.4 million total


Northern Virginia

Sanjeev Suri, P.E.
Nicholas Roper, P.E.
District Bridge Engineer

About the Project

This project repaired the structurally deficient Sleepy Hollow Road (Route 613) bridge over Tripps Run in Fairfax County. 

The single-span bridge, about 95 feet long, had a reinforced concrete deck supported by eight steel plate girders. The concrete stub abutments were supported on steel piles. The bridge was posted for 19 tons (single) and 24 tons (semi). 

The superstructure had a condition rating of 3 (very poor). There was major deterioration in some of the beams/diaphragms and bearings near the abutments. 

In this project, the girders were repaired, deteriorated diaphragms/connection plates were replaced, and bearings were replaced by the jacking and blocking method. All steel girders and the superstructure were painted, and the deck was overlaid with rapid-set concrete. Existing joints were eliminated to minimize future maintenance costs by introducing deck extensions at both ends of the bridge. Expansion joints were also replaced.  

The bridge's substructure had a condition rating of 7 and was generally in good condition. There were minor repairs to the back walls and abutment seats/breast walls.

Except for repair of the pavement near the bridge, no other work to the bridge approach roadway will be required. 

Project Number: (NFO) 0613-029-906, P101, M501
UPC: 97608

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