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Twin Lakes Drive Bridge Replacement

Widening the bridge over Johnny Moore Creek in Fairfax County

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Begin Date
June 25, 2014

Est Completion Date
Re-opened to traffic August 29, 2014; overall completion scheduled September 17, 2014

$1 million total

Fort Myer Construction Corporation


Northern Virginia

Dinesh Singh, P.E.
Constructing Manager
Chan B. Basnayake, P.E., PMP
Area Construction Engineer

Note: The bridge re-opened to traffic on August 29, 2014. View release

About the Project

This project is replacing the Twin Lakes Drive bridge over Johnny Moore Creek, originally built in 1920. It includes widening the bridge to match the 22-foot roadway approach and a two-foot shoulder, bringing the total width of the bridge to 26 feet. The replacement is a single-span slab bridge.   

View this presentation for more details. 

State Project: 3546-029-751, P101, C501
Federal Project: BROS-5401(907) UPC: 87728

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