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Walney Road Widening

At Willard Road in Fairfax County

Project at a Glance

Begin Date
Advertise June 2013

Approximately $8.5 million


Northern Virginia

Arif Rahman

About the Project

This project will widen Walney Road from two to four lanes near Willard Road (UPC 102105) and from three to four lanes near Dallas Street (UPC 103735) to help relieve congestion by eliminating bottlenecks at these locations and provide bicycle and pedestrian facilities.

Estimated Project Cost

Preliminary engineering: $646,000
Right of way: $3.5 million
Construction: $4.3 million
Total: Approximately $8.5 million


View project plans and typical sections

State Project: 0657-029-963,P101,R201,M501  Fed. RSTP-5A01(333)  UPC: 102105
State Project: 0657-029-039,P101,R201,M501  Fed. RSTP-5A01(333)  UPC: 103735

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