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Hampton Roads Third Crossing PPTA

The project was initiated to relieve congestion at the I-64 Hampton Roads Bridge Tunnel and other transportation facilities in the Hampton Roads region. A multimodal solution was developed and unanimously endorsed by the members of the Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO). This solution, known as Candidate Build Alternative 9 was then selected by the Commonwealth Transportation Board (CTB) to be further developed. The alternative is divided into five segments, each aiding in the reduction of regional traffic congestion. The project is envisioned to carry vehicles, light and heavy passenger rail across Hampton Roads, thereby relieving congestion while improving accessibility, mobility and the movement of goods in the region. Another important benefit is that by carrying rail across Hampton Roads, Southside Virginia is directly connected to the High-speed Rail Corridor via Newport News to Richmond to Washington, D.C.

This project is nationally and regionally significant for several reasons including national defense, regional evacuation, economics and air quality and conformity. Segment one of the project would provide much improved access to Norfolk Naval Base by constructing a new limited access facility. This new facility also provides an additional diversion point for traffic during emergency evacuation or major congestion. The project promotes economic development by allowing direct access to the ports of Hampton Roads, thereby removing heavy trucks from local streets. Currently, the ports are second only to New York for volume on the East Coast. Additionally, Hampton Roads is currently classified as an attainment area for air pollution. Congestion and air quality will continue to get worse without congestion relief provided by this project.

Project Timeline

VDOT issued a Request for Detailed Proposals (RFDP) on Aug. 29, 2005. The private-sector proposers requested VDOT to extend the mid-December deadline for submitting detailed proposals for up to two more years. VDOT decided to cancel this effort instead. 

Contact: Ryan Pedraza, 804-371-9870

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