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Under Construction

Atlee Road Extension in Hanover

Connecting to Atlee Station Road

Project at a Glance

Begin Date
March 2017

Est Completion Date
Fall 2018

Under construction

$20 million

Lengths and Limits
.5 mile

Abernathy Construction


Randy Hardman, Hanover Deputy Director of Public Works

What's Being Done

This project, administered by Hanover County, will extend Atlee Road approximately 1/2 mile. The road will connect to Atlee Station Road near Warren Avenue. The project includes a bridge over the railroad, a traffic signal and modifications to Cool Spring Road and Atlee Station Road to connect with the new Atlee Road extension. Sidewalks and accommodations for bicycles are included in the project.

Traffic Impacts

The project continues to operate under Phase 3&4 Detour Plan traffic pattern. This traffic pattern will continue longer than originally planned (no shift this spring) and is not expected to change substantially until summer.  In order to minimize impacts and shorten the duration of the Phase 5 detour,  alternatives are being evaluated for future phases of traffic.  For now the traffic pattern will remain the same.    Cool Spring Road has been connected to Atlee Road (open only to the south east) and closed to through traffic from Atlee Station Road. 

The Cool Spring Road Connector has been opened to allow traffic to access the mini storage. Phase 3&4 Detour Plan will be in effect. The public should anticipate additional time to travel north since no right turn from Cool Spring Road to Atlee Station or Atlee Road will be available at this time.

A temporary traffic shift in the vicinity of Warren Avenue has been implemented, as of 1/25/18, to allow for construction directly adjacent to Atlee Station Road.

Public Involvement

A community meeting was held on Wednesday, June 7, 2017 at Atlee Station High School.

The goal of this meeting was to help residents prepare for the road changes and adequately plan for changes to their commutes and trips to schools in the area. The County will provide an overview of the project and review the various detour phases and their anticipated timing during the 2017-18 school year. Citizens will be able to ask questions and get answers about the project. 

Project Visuals

Project Schematic

Phase 2 Detour Plan

Phase 3 & 4 Detour Plan

Phase 5 Detour Plan 

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