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I-95 Temple Avenue Improvements, Colonial Heights

Project at a Glance
Begin Date
February 2015

Est Completion Date
November 2017


$20 million

Allan Myers, formerly American Infrastructure-Va. Inc.

Colonial Heights


Harold Dyson, P.E., construction manager

PROJECT COMPLETE: I-95/Temple Avenue project complete in Colonial Heights

COLONIAL HEIGHTS — The Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) and its design-builder, Allan Myers, Inc., have completed construction on the I-95/Temple Avenue Interchange Improvements project as of Friday, November 10, on schedule and within the $20 million budget.

The project, which included replacing a signalized intersection with a roundabout and lengthening the interstate interchange ramps, was built following a thorough analysis and study process. With mounting angle crash rates and extensive backups during peak travel times, the unique roundabout design was chosen as a targeted solution to alleviate safety and traffic flow concerns. The multilane roundabout features three bypass lanes at each approach that will allow traffic in those lanes to travel through the area without entering the roundabout intersection. The project also features new lengthened ramps which will remove the merge point from the ramps at I-95 north and south, allow for vehicles to easily transition from interstate speeds to city limit speeds, improve overall visibility and better accommodate increasing vehicle capacity.

In addition to safety and traffic flow benefits, the new construction offers reduced air pollution, decreased fuel consumption and lowered overall maintenance costs long-term. The center island will also offer opportunities for beautification efforts as a gateway into the City of Colonial Heights.

“Building a brand new interstate interchange and ramps while keeping traffic moving through the area was a challenge we were eager to meet,” said Shane Mann, P.E., VDOT Richmond District Construction Engineer. “We were able to complete most of the work off-road, with minimal traffic impacts. The new intersection will allow the 30,000 vehicles traveling through this area each day a smoother and safer ride.”

“Solid project management, quality construction and close coordination with the local community have been key to this project’s success,” said Bart Thrasher, P.E., Richmond District Engineer, “The entire project team has been committed to completing this project with the next few decades in mind.”



Public involvement

Project partners held a “Pardon Our Dust” public information meeting Wednesday, Feb. 3, 2016, at the Colonial Heights Courthouse, to discuss construction impacts and traffic management associated with the project.

The meeting brochure and presentation are available.

Why a roundabout?

A roundabout was chosen as the most efficient design for this congested intersection in order to provide improved safety and traffic flow.

A roundabout reduces traffic and wait times by allowing vehicles to continually move at a low rate of speed versus coming to a complete stop at signals.

This will be especially important during peak traffic hours. 

The project will realign the southbound and northbound I-95 off ramps to eliminate the existing yield.

The signalized intersection at the interchange will be removed and replaced with a roundabout.  

The proposed roundabout includes two lanes of circulation and a continuous bypass lane on the west bound approach.

Both the northbound and southbound I-95 off-ramps are extended and improved to provide motorists greater distance and better curvature for transition from the high speed mainline to the arterial.

The northbound I-95 off-ramp is improved to provide a free-flow movement and eliminate the existing yield-controlled condition.

How will traffic move through this area?



Public hearing brochure and photos (Sept. 12, 2013)

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