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I-81 Exit 150 Improvement Project

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Begin Date
Construction: Summer 2015

Est Completion Date
Summer 2018

Estimated $46.75 million



Jeff Echols, P.E.
Sid Scott

Project Description

The I-81 Exit 150 improvement project has been designed to improve the safety and traffic flow at the existing intersection and associated northbound movements from and to Interstate 81 that have a direct impact on routes 11, 220 and 220A.

The improvement project entailed the following: 

  • Relocating the northbound I-81 entrance ramp (from northbound Route 220 onto northbound I-81) to a new location adjacent to the Exit 150B off-ramp
  • Creating a dedicated Exit 150B off-ramp with NB Route 220 to improve traffic flow at the Route 11/220/220A intersection
  • Modifying Exit 150A to allow right turns onto Route 11 southbound only and eliminating hazardous merge/weaves
  • Constructing a roundabout at the Exit150B/Route 11 (click here to see the roundabout design) intersection to improve traffic flow, enhance safety and increase capacity
  • Building a new road, Gateway Crossing, to connect the new Route 11 roundabout to Route 220 Alternate
  • Modifying business access on Route 11 by installing a raised median and reducing the number of entrances
  • Modifying the entrances onto Route 11 as right-in/right-out only
  • Acquiring the Travel Center America property and a portion of the Painter parcel which contains the business tenant known as Gene’s Trading Post is being acquired which necessitates the relocation of this business.

Roundabout Open

The roundabout, northbound on-ramp to Interstate 81 and the dedicated turn lane to northbound Route 220 from I-81 opened in September 2017. 

  • A new roundabout connects Route 11, Gateway Crossing and I-81 northbound to enhance traffic flow and increase capacity at the interchange.
  • A new ramp from Route 11 onto northbound I-81 is open and accessible through the roundabout.
  • Drivers exiting I-81 northbound onto exit 150B towards Daleville and Fincastle use the new dedicated right turn lane onto northbound Route 220. This dedicated right lane does not have a signal and drivers should yield to traffic.
  • In December, the southbound Route 11 detour between the roundabout and the intersection of Route 11/220/220A opened traffic. The detour has been removed and the roundabout configuration is complete.

Drive It! Video Simulation

Driving Simulation for Exit 150

Interactive Roundabout Navigation

Driving Through the Roundabout

The exit 150 roundabout is a multilane roundabout that has two lanes as the driver approaches from the I-81 exit ramp. Drivers should use the right lane to turn right at the first exit point of the roundabout and use the inside lane to go half way or three-quarters of the way around the roundabout. When driving through the roundabout, motorists should follow these tips:

  • Slow down and yield to all traffic within the roundabout.
  • Select your lane as you approach the roundabout.
  • To enter the roundabout, yield to cars already within the intersection and wait for a gap in traffic.
  • Do not change lanes within the roundabout.
  • Once you are in the roundabout, use your turn signal as you prepare to exit the roundabout.
  • Be sure to yield to pedestrians and bicyclists as you approach the roundabout and within the crosswalks.
  • Pay close attention and follow signs and pavement markings that will guide them through the roundabout and interchange.
  • Be patient with others as drivers in the area learn to acclimate to the new traffic changes.

Project Timeline

Summer 2009: A Citizen’s Information Meeting was held at Lord Botetourt High School to present stakeholder's alternatives for improving traffic flow around the intersection.

Summer 2010: An alternative study was finalized with recommended preferred alternatives.

Summer 2012: A Public Hearing was held at Lord Botetourt High School. The public comment period for this project has ended, but links to the public hearing information can be found below:

Public Hearing Brochure/Information

Public Hearing Display

Typical Section 1

Typical Section 2

Summer 2012: A conceptual design was approved by the Federal Highway Administration.

Spring 2013: Right of Way acquisition began.

Summer 2014: The final design of the project was completed.

Fall 2014: The Right of Way acquisition was completed.

November 20, 2014: A public information meeting was held for the county to share information about the project and to answers questions from the community.

View the presentation that was made at the Public Information Meeting or you can download the presentation and the brochure below.

I-81 Exit 150 Public Information Meeting Brochure

I-81 Exit 150 Public Information Presentation

December 2014: The project was advertised for constructions bids.

December 2014 - March 2015: A series of meetings were held with various civic and community organizations as well as business owners in the area.

March 2015: The project was awarded to Branch Highways, Inc.

Spring 2015: Construction began. 

July 2015: Demolition of buildings began. It was completed by fall 2015. Demolition was performed under a VDOT statewide contract for building demolition outside of the Branch Highways construction contract.

September 2017: The roundabout, on-ramp to I-81 northbound and dedicated turn lane onto Route 220 opened.

December 2017:  The detour on southbound Route 11 removed.

Summer 2018: Project completed.

Completed Phases of Construction


  • Construction of the new intersection of Gateway Crossing with Route 220A to include turn lanes and a traffic signal 
  • Construction of Gateway Crossing and half of new roundabout
  • Construction of the majority of the new NB 150B off-ramp and widening along Route 11
  • Construction of 500 feet of new frontage road along Route 11 at Kangaroo Express and Country Cookin’


  • Gateway Crossing and new intersection with Route 220A open to traffic.
  • Construction of the remainder of new NB 150B off-ramp and construction of the majority of the NB 150B on-ramp.Construction of approximately half of the roundabout.  
  • SB Route 11 is reduced to one lane and re-routed onto the new Gateway Crossing to connect to 220A. SB Route 11 closed to through traffic (approximately an 8-month duration). Additional turn lanes will be provided as needed for entry into businesses.
  • NB Route 11 starting at the 220/220A intersection will be closed to through traffic. NB Route 11 will be reduced to one lane to local traffic only. NB Route 11 through traffic will be re-routed to Route 220A onto Gateway Crossing to return to NB Route 11.
  • Barricade walls and barrels will be used to narrow 150B off-ramp. A vehicle width restriction of 12 feet will be in place for approximately two months. Wider vehicles will be re-routed to either exit 146 or exit 156.
  • Exit 150B with access to NB Route 11 (left turn onto Route 11) will be closed to through traffic.
  • NB I-81 traffic exiting to NB Route 11 will be detoured through exit 150A during the project for approximately 3 months.
  • Although there will be impacts to local business traffic, access to businesses will remain open.  Businesses along Route 11 between the roundabout and the Route 220 intersection will have access from the 220/220A intersection and from Exit 150B.


  • New NB I-81 from Route 11 on-ramp open. Old NB I-81 on-ramp from Route 220 closed. Extend NB Route 220 right lane to access SB I-81
  • Roundabout open to traffic and Route 11 through traffic closure removed.
  • Installation of new barrier wall on exit 150A off-ramp to allow right turn only onto SB Route 11
  • Construction of raised right-in/right-out raised median along Route 11 between the Route 11/220/220A intersection and the roundabout  

Final Design

The video below demonstrates the new flow of traffic after the improvement project is complete.

Why a Roundabout?

  • Allows two lanes from 150B Exit Ramp to Gateway Crossing
  • Geometry is designed for truck traffic
  • Enhanced safety
    • 35% Reduction in Crashes
    • 76% Reduction in Injuries
    • Reduction in severity of crashes
    • Slower speeds are generally safer for pedestrians
  • Intersection Efficiency
    • Easy access to and from I-81
    • Increased Traffic Capacity with the elimination of left turns
    • Reduced delay with no stopping at a traffic signal
  • Environmental
    • Reduction of air pollution
    • Decrease in fuel consumption
  • Additional lighting and landscaping
  • Gateway into Botetourt County
  • Low Construction and Maintenance Costs
  • U-Turns are Allowed

For more information, visit our web page about roundabouts.

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