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Martinsville Southern Connector Study

Project at a Glance
Begin Date
February 2018

Est Completion Date
Early 2021

Preliminary Engineering (NEPA)



Scott Smizik
Media: Shannon Marshall

Alternatives Retained for Detailed Study

VDOT, in coordination with the Federal Highway Administration, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, and other agencies, has identified the alternatives that will be advanced through the study. 

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Previous Public Meetings

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Study Coordination

In February 2018, VDOT started a study, called an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS), to evaluate potential transportation improvements along the U.S. Route 220 corridor between the U.S. Route 58/220 Bypass and the North Carolina state line.

VDOT is conducting the study in coordination with the Federal Highway Administration and will be engaging other state and federal agencies throughout its development.

The Coordination Plan (updated May 10, 2018) is a required document that outlines how cooperating agencies, participating agencies, and the public will be informed of and involved in the study.  Additional public or agency coordination may occur outside of the Coordination Plan and the study schedule will be adjusted accordingly.

News and Updates


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Tentative Schedule

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