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Route 220 (Botetourt Road) Safety Improvement Project

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Project at a Glance

Begin Date
Spring 2018

Est Completion Date
August 2021

$79 Million

Lengths and Limits
9.65 miles



Josh Lawrence
Media Contact - Jen Ward

Project Description

The primary purpose of this project is to enhance safety along the 10-mile section of Route 220 (Botetourt Road) between Iron Gate and the James River Bridge near Eagle Rock by:

• improving vertical and horizontal alignment
• widening shoulders
• improving intersections 
• adding turn lanes
• providing additional passing opportunities
• providing centerline and edge-line rumble strips
• providing raised centerline pavement markers

This proposed project will improve this section of  Route 220 as a two-lane road and is intended to reduce the severity and number of crashes.

Public Hearing Information

February 2017
A public information meeting was held in Clifton Forge in February 2017. A brochure, presentation, and displays from the meeting are available below:

Informational Brochure

Informational Presentation

Typical Sections with Widening and Rumble Strips

December 2016
A design public hearing was held in Eagle Rock in December 2016. A brochure and presentation for the meeting is available below:

Design Public Hearing Brochure

Design Public Hearing Presentation

April 2016
A design public hearing was held on Phases one and two on April 28, 2016 from 5 to 7 p.m. at Eagle Rock Elementary School located at 145 Eagle's Nest Drive in Eagle Rock.

Anticipated Schedule & Funding

The following schedule has been proposed for the project:

  • Preliminary Engineering Work – In progress
  • Advertise for Design and Construction Services (RFP) – Released September 28, 2016
  • Construction to begin fall 2017 or spring 2018
  • Completion in summer 2021

$79 million for the Route 220 Safety Improvement Project is allocated in the Six-Year Improvement Program.  The Project is fully funded in the FY16-21 SYIP. 


Phases of Construction

Construction is anticipated to begin between fall 2017 and Spring of 2018. Once construction begins, the project will consist of three phases as described below:

Phase 1 begins north of the intersection with Route 622 (Gala Loop Road) and ends north of the intersection with Route 696 east (Buhrman Road).

Phase 2 begins south of the intersection with Route 43 (Narrow Passage Road) and ends north of the intersection with Route 622 (Gala Loop Road).

Phase 3 begins north of the intersection with Route 696 (Buhrman Road) and ends near the intersection with Route 727 (Fork Farm Road).

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