Recently Completed: Route 58 Widening - Laurel Fork and Tri-County (PPTA project)
Carroll, Floyd and Patrick counties

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VDOT negotiated a $119.75 million amendment under its existing public-private partnership agreement with Branch Highways Inc. to build the next phase of Route 58 improvements along the 36-mile corridor between Hillsville and Stuart. 

One mile of the 8.2 miles became the first four-lane highway in Floyd County.

Laurel Fork and Tri-County (PPTA project)

PPTA Agreement

In December 2003, VDOT signed a public-private partnership agreement with Branch Highways Inc. to develop and widen 36 miles of the Route 58 Corridor from Hillsville to Stuart as state funding becomes available.  The corridor begins southwest of Hillsville and continues east through Carroll, Floyd, and Patrick counties to approximately one mile west of Stuart.

VDOT entered into the agreement with Branch Highways Inc. in accordance with the Public Private Transportation Act (PPTA). In 1995, the General Assembly passed the PPTA allowing private entities to propose innovative solutions for designing, constructing, financing and operating transportation improvements.

The Route 58 Corridor from Hillsville to Stuart was the last remaining section to complete the widening of Route 58 from Virginia Beach to I-77. Once connected with I-77, the long anticipated benefits of the 1989 General Assembly legislated “U.S. Route 58 Corridor Development Program” will greatly be enhanced throughout the entire region.

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Phase One - Meadows of Dan

The first phase of widening Route 58 under this agreement was a three-mile Blue Ridge Parkway crossing at Meadows of Dan.  Phase 1 was completed in May 2006 and cost $20 million.

Phase Two - Hillsville Bypass

The second phase of Route 58 widening completed under the PPTA agreement was the $83-million Hillsville Bypass.  The bypass included 5.2 miles of four-lane divided highway built in Carroll County around the Town of Hillsville.  The new section of road improves the connection between Route 58 and Interstate 77.

The first 1.5 miles of the bypass opened to traffic in October 2010 with the remainder opened to traffic in August 2011.  

Three new interchanges were constructed as part of the project:  one at each end of the new bypass to connect to Route 58 Business and one at Route 52.  The interchange with Route 52 is located just south of Hillsville and provides a direct connection for commercial vehicles from Route 52 to I-77 to minimize congestion in Hillsville.

The project also involved building eight new bridges including one to carry Route 780 (Howlett Street) over the new bypass and a pair to carry Route 58 over Route 670 (Snake Creek Road).

What's Remaining in the PPTA Corridor?

There are more than 19 miles of Route 58 left in the three remaining phases of the widening between Hillsville and Stuart.  The projects include Lovers Leap Mountain, Vesta, and Crooked Oak.  

In addition, 1.7 miles of Route 669 in Carroll County will have to be improved as part of the Route 58 widening.


This project has widened sections of Route 58, added three interchanges and added eight new bridges.


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Phase: 3

Lat/Long: 36.719000, -80.516951

Locality: Carroll , Floyd , and Patrick

Page last modified: Sept. 5, 2019