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Route 688 - Cotton Hill Road Safety Improvements - Roanoke County

Project at a Glance

Begin Date
October 2014

Est Completion Date
Fall 2016

$6.5 million (approximate)



Craig Moore, P.E.

Project Description

The primary purpose of this project is to improve safety by upgrading a section of Route 688 in Roanoke County to meet current design standards.  These improvements will begin 0.076 mile south of the intersection with Route 221 and end 0.107 mile south of the intersection with Route 934 (Shingle Ridge Road).

The average annual traffic count on this section of Route 688 is 3,110 vehicles per day.

The new roadway will have 14-foot lanes to accommodate bicycle traffic with curb and gutter from 0.076 mile south of the intersection of Route 221 to the intersection with Route 1255 (Monet Drive).   

Through the intersection with Route 1255, the widening will transition down to two 11-foot with curb and gutter north of the Blue Ridge Parkway crossing.  On Route 688, both a left turn lane and right turn lane southbound will be constructed at Route 1255.

Improvements on Route 688 to the south of the Blue Ridge Parkway will meet a Resurfacing, Restoration, and Rehabilitation (RRR) criteria. These improvements will include a widening of the road to two 9-foot lanes with 2-foot shoulders.  

A public hearing was held in March 2012.

Additional information for this project:

Project Map from Public Hearing

Hearing brochure

Anticipated schedule

Advertise for construction - October 2014

Construction start - Summer 2015

Construction complete - Fall 2016

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