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Interstate 581 and Valley View Interchange Improvements

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Project at a Glance
Begin Date
Construction start early Summer 2014

Est Completion Date
Fall 2016

$63.9 million

Lengths and Limits
From 0.24 mile south of Hershberger Road to 1.561 miles south of Hershberger Road


Jeff Echols

What has been done?

The new diverging diamond interchange opened to traffic on Nov. 21, 2016!

This project completes the partial Interstate 581 interchange with Valley View Boulevard at exit 3C in the city of Roanoke.  The partial interchange was constructed in 1999.     

Work included building an off-ramp from I-581 South onto Valley View Boulevard and an on-ramp from Valley View Boulevard onto I-581 North.

Other features included:

  • Building a continuous lane on I-581 South to connect the on-ramp at Hershberger Road to the new off-ramp at Valley View Boulevard
  • Building a continuous through lane on I-581 North to connect the new on-ramp from Valley View Boulevard to the off-ramp at Hershberger Road
  • Widening the bridge over I-581 to four lanes, with turn lanes onto the I-581 on-ramps
  • Realigning a portion of the Lick Run Greenway to the north of its current location
  • Installing sound walls along portions of I-581
  • Installing roadway lighting at the interchange and along the ramps
  • Installing new signals for the intersection and ramp movements
  • Replacing the signal at Valley View Crossing
  • Repaving portions of Valley View Boulevard

Diverging Diamond Interchange Information

The project also includes a diverging diamond interchange (DDI), which improves the existing off-ramp from I-581 North onto Valley View Boulevard and the existing on-ramp from Valley View Boulevard onto I-581 South.  

It is the second interchange of its kind in Virginia.

The diverging diamond interchange at this location will reduce the right of way impacts, simplify traffic signal operations and reduce impacts to streams and utilities.  

Drive It!

What's it like to drive through a diverging diamond interchange?

A DDI is unusual in that it requires motorists to briefly drive on the opposite side of the road from normal. Some might think the new interchange difficult to navigate, but it has pavement markings and traffic signals just like a regular intersection.

When driving a DDI, motorists proceed through a traffic signal and simply follow their lane to the opposite side of the roadway. Then, drivers turning left can turn without having to cross a lane of oncoming traffic.

Watch these videos to learn about driving through this new traffic pattern.

  • This innovative interchange design crosses traffic to the left side of the road, increasing safety and moving more vehicles through without increasing the number of lanes.
  • The diverging diamond interchange originated in France. It was listed by Popular Science magazine in 2009 as one of the best innovations in engineering.

Project Timeline

In March 2013, the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) awarded a design-build contract to The Lane Construction Corp. of Chantilly to complete final design, acquire right of way and construct the project.

Preliminary surveying and testing started in June 2013. Construction started in Summer 2014.

A public hearing was held in June 2011 at William Fleming High School to give citizens an opportunity to review and comment on the project information.

A citizen information meeting was held on Dec. 10, 2013, at William Fleming High School.  

Citizen information meeting materials:


Noise Barrier Walls

Noise barrier walls were installed along the Valley View Boulevard corridor. Installation began in Fall 2015. 

What is a noise wall? It is a specially designed structure built to reduce noise levels created by nearby highway traffic.

It is built only after noise impact studies are conducted and certain conditions are met.

For more information on noise barrier walls, visit our web page.

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