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City of Harrisonburg and Rockingham County - Erickson Avenue/Stone Spring Road Connector Project

Project at a Glance

Begin Date
Contract awarded May 19, 2010

Est Completion Date
April 30, 2013

Contract value $20,732,523

Perry Engineering Company, Inc. of Winchester, Va.



John-Allen Ennis

Erickson Avenue/Stone Spring Road Phase II

This project is managed and administered by the City of Harrisonburg.

This contract constructs a 0.963 miles section of Erickson Avenue/Stone Spring Road from Route 11 to 0.940 miles east of Route 11. The construction contract is divided into three project sections.  

The western section is a four-lane section with raised median from Route 11 to just east of Beery Road at its existing intersection with Stone Spring Road, a length of approximately 0.37 miles.  The section provides a new bridge over a mainline Norfolk Southern track and Black's Run.  The new bridge replaces an existing at-grade railroad crossing on Stone Spring Road, which will be closed to public traffic.  

The middle construction section rebuilds existing two-lane Stone Spring Road to a five-lane street with flush median from just east of the Beery Road intersection and continues to approximately 1,000 feet east of Interstate 81, a length of 0.376 miles.  The construction includes a replacement of the existing Stone Spring Road Bridge over I-81.  

The final construction section tapers from the adjacent five-lane section to a 4-lane undivided section and transverses to the end of the project, a length of approximately 0.21 miles.  The end of the project typical section accommodates the planned, future extension of Stone Spring Road to the east and into Rockingham County to connect with Prot Republic Road.


Phase I - Completed August 2010

The Erickson Avenue/Stone Spring Road Connection is a 3.1 mile long project corridor. Phase I for corridor improvement is a 0.23 mile section of Erickson Avenue at the intersection of Route 42. Although relatively short in length, the project addresses extremely critical traffic capacity and safety issues. The project will provide widening of Erickson Avenue, approximately 600 feet west of the intersection, from two-lane, 22-foot wide, asphalt surface shoulder and ditch street section to four-lanes with curb and gutter, a minimum of 48-feet wide asphalt surface to provide adequate turn lanes. On-street, four-foot wide bicycle lanes in each direction and a sidewalk are part of the project. The intersection with Route 42 will be widened and improved to add right turn lanes and a new mast arm signal system interconnected to the at-grade railroad crossing with pre-emption equipment.

The project crosses a Norfolk Southern (NS) railroad line and just east of Route 42. Erickson Avenue currently passes beneath an existing NS trestle. The project will demolish this aged timber trestle and provide a new at-grade crossing of the NS spur line. The construction includes the relocation of approximately 1500 feet of the NS spur line to create separation from Route 42 for installation of the new at-grade crossing. Additionally, existing Pear Street immediately adjacent and parallel to the trestle will be relocated to approximately 450 feet east of Route 42 to a new intersection with improved Erickson Avenue. Pear Street is currently a 20-foot wide asphalt street. Pear Street will be improved to a 30-foot wide street with curb and gutter and will meet current roadway design standards.


Contract Awarded: Contract awarded December 19, 2008 to Perry Engineering Company, Inc. of Winchester, Va.  Fixed completion date:November 15, 2010.  Contract value: $5,757,752.76.



This project provides substantial improvement and increase in traffic capacity at the Route 42 intersection and approaches. The Erickson Avenue realignment improves the safety for traffic approaching the intersection from the west. The removal of the existing trestle substantially increases the capacity of the east intersection approach and removes an existing safety hazard to the traveling public.

This project is the cornerstone section for improvements to the entire corridor and the first step in connecting the east and west areas of the City of Harrisonburg with an efficient, safe travel facility. Harrisonburg has seen relatively rapid growth in this portion of the City over the past several years.

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