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The VDOT Staunton District has a continuing effort to improve safety along the Interstate 81 corridor. These improvements consist of localized work, such as ramp extensions, ramp widening, interchange modification, truck climbing lanes. The improvements are made in areas where these cost effective projects can have the most impact on the traveling public.

By clicking on the chart found in the right column of this Web page, a list of each of these improvements can be viewed.

In addition a tree removal operation to enhance safety was begun in the spring of 2007 along Interstates 64, 66 and 81 in Frederick, Shenandoah, Warren, Rockingham, Augusta, Rockbridge and Alleghany counties. Removing trees in the clear zone helps to eliminate fixed objects vehicles may encounter during an accident. Trees were removed in what traffic engineers call the “clear zone”, an unobstructed, relatively flat area for an errant vehicle leaving the roadway to be able to recover. Clear zones are defined by a formula and table issued by the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO) using road design speed, rate of slope along the roadway shoulder and average daily traffic volumes. Bristol area projects Salem area projects Staunton area projects Lynchburg area projects Culpeper area projects Richmond area projects Northern Virginia projects Fredericksburg area projects Hampton Roads projects
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